14 Project Management Tools You Might Not Use

If you want, you can do it yourself. It is not recommended to manage complex projects without a reliable project management tool. This means we will need to spend a lot on site licenses and then we will need to learn and read. Once we have this knowledge, we can manage project tasks, deliver projects efficiently, and have productive PM engagements. But it’s not that easy.
There are hundreds of tools out there – some good, some bad, some you should not bother trying…a few of these ideas come to mind. There are free tools and expensive ones. I’m always curious about those I haven’t heard of. These are the ones I am most interested in. These 14 products are mine to share with you today. I spoke with the creators of these products and I know they are passionate about what they do. These PM-related software products might be new to you. You should give them a try. You won’t regret. Comment and let me know your thoughts.
#1. #1.
Twproject is a project- and time-tracking software that you can access either via the cloud or install at your own location. It is the result of a private company in Florence, Italy, that has been creating web-based solutions for over 15 years. Twproject is a versatile platform that can be used by thousands of teams to track progress, facilitate collaboration, and more. It is available to all companies, large and small, from startups to large corporations. You can subscribe via the internet to get quick access and deployment. Or, you can install it within your company’s servers for greater data control.

Twproject is a fully featured business software. It offers dashboards that enable you to quickly monitor the progress and overall health for your projects. It makes it easy to create project plans, break them down, assign resources, and set dates and dependencies. It features Kanban board view, Kanban Board tracking, time tracking and issues tracking. Twproject’s flexibility and variety of features allows you to organize and manage your team’s tasks and prioritize them so that you can take action to complete the project.
#2. #2.

ProWorkflow is an online project management and time tracking software that you can use for tasks, invoicing, and other details. ProWorkflow allows for collaboration in one place. With Proworkflow, you can spend less time managing the actual process. ProWorkflow makes it easy for you to track time, assign staff, and revise tasks within a given project. It is the perfect combination of simplicity and power, with real people who understand SaaS’ true worth. Software and service! ProWorkflow redefines central project collaboration. It provides transparency for project managers and executives, team members, contractors, clients, and team members. It’s not just one platform. It offers one view. ProWorkflow allows file sharing, expense tracking and resource management.

#3. Workamajig

Workamajig integrates agency and project management systems. Workamajig was established more than 25 years ago, by a consulting company that specialized in creative teams. They realized that outside-the-box solutions weren’t going to meet the needs of their clients. They combined their industry knowledge with years of experience to create a new system. Workamajig was the original web-based system for creative agencies. Over 3,000 creative teams around the world use Workamajig to manage their projects and resources as well as their calendars.