15 Tools Project Managers Need to Know To Help Their Team Meet Their Needs

Many apps are available for managing projects today. There are many software options to suit the needs of your company and team. The trick is to choose the right program. This article will not be covering the more complex and well-known software such as Microsoft Visio or Gantt Pro. Let’s take a look at some lesser-known tools for project managers. These apps may not be very well-known but they offer great features that could be of benefit to your team.
Smartsheet – One the most popular tools for project management. It allows you to create Gantt charts for your projects, open tasks and assign them to stakeholders. You can also track implementation progress, attach files, track deadlines, and perform many other functions.
The program is powerful and should be considered long-term investment. It is not appropriate for small teams and requires slow tech support. Also, it can take too long to get used to.

Wrike is a unified software that allows you to work across multiple projects. It offers many functional features. It allows you to assign roles and create workspaces for each department. You can also discuss and monitor their progress, file share, and display project tasks in Gantt charts. You can also receive weekly reports.
Pros: It is suitable for small and large teams, and allows you to create folders for each project. Cons: Multi-level projects can have many branches, which could cause confusion.

Zoho Projects allows you to collaborate with other team members to plan your project. You can also create and assign tasks and track progress. You can export reports and analyze their effectiveness.
Pros: Zoho Projects is not the only option. You can also use Zoho Mail CRM and Zoho documents depending on your company’s requirements. Cons: Slow file downloads.

Insightly integrates with Gmail and Google Apps to provide a CRM system and project manager. It allows you to quickly manage tasks and track sales status.
Pros: Friendly interface; easy-to use; iOS app. Pros: Not suitable to perform tasks that involve customer relationships.

Redbooth is an online PM software that can be used on any platform. This is a great service for developers because it allows you to track bugs, plan activities, project, assign tasks, set deadlines, monitor expenditure, share files, and even assign tasks to colleagues. It can also sync to Gmail, Google Drive, or Outlook.
Pros: Easy and user-friendly interface with tags and chats, ability to create reports and integrate with other services. Cons: There is no option to prioritize tasks and there are no billing percentages for tasks that have been completed.

Easy Redmine – Open Source software for planning and managing large projects. It also has extensions for resource management and finance, as well as CRM.
Software can be installed on your server making it ideal to use with large teams.

Freedcamp service – An organized workspace that allows you to view the entire project and bill it instantly. You can also assign tasks using stickers or a calendar. Freedcamp also offers add-ons for bug tracking, invoice preparation, Wiki pages, and CRM.
Pros: You can prioritize tasks, you have convenient tabs that allow to separate projects and you are quick to respond to customer service. Cons: You cannot see the progress of your tasks or how many are completed.

Merlin – Software that creates Gantt charts on Mac. It also allows you to monitor costs and budget.