2022 CAPM Exam Book: Your beacon for passing the CAPM Exam!

CAPM, or the ‘Certified Associate in Project Management’ credential, is a beginner-level certification from the global PMI Institute. The CAPM Exam Guide sets the direction. CAPM can help you jump-start your career and increase your earning potential. To get your CAPM certification and obtain the CAPM credential, you will need the exact CAPM Exam Guide.
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Fitness Criteria for CAPM
Are you unsure if you have the necessary qualifications to take the CAPM exam? What if you don’t have any experience? What if you don’t have a bachelors degree? Are you a newbie in project management? Do you want to quickly rise the ranks as a junior PM/project manager? If these thoughts are running through your head, CAPM can help you realize your goals. However, you need to ensure that you have the right CAPM Exam Guide to help you find your dream job.
These are the minimum requirements you must meet in order to pass the CAPM exam.
Secondary Degree-High school diploma or associate’s degree, or any equivalent degree internationally accepted
You must also have completed 23 contact hours of project management education.

If you meet these requirements then let’s look at the roadmap to CAPM certification. How to apply, prepare, and receive your CAPM credential. What is the role and responsibilities of a CAPM guide? Let’s dive deep to learn more about these and the CAPM guide.
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There are 150 multiple-choice questions in the CAPM exam. Each answer option has one correct answer. A question that is incorrectly answered will not result in a negative mark. These questions must be answered in three hours. This is less than one minute per question. The CAPM Exam Guide comes in handy. These questions are primarily based upon the PMBOK ten knowledge areas in project management and five process groups.
The first step to obtaining the CAPM certification, is to decide that you want it. Now you’re ready to apply, prepare, and take the exam. These are the three phases of your CAPM project. You can either have the application and preparation phases overlapping or fast tracked, depending on your time. This project plan may be included in your CAPM Guide or you will need to create it.

Preparation for the CAPM Exam:
You can choose to take a CAPM online training or a classroom class that suits your needs. This will give you 23 hours of project management education which qualifies for the application.
Check for the CAPM Guide section when you select a CAPM course.
Many providers offer a study plan that you can use to guide you and then modify it as you need.
You will need to complete the CAPM course, the learning material, and PMBOK. Next, take a practice exam. There are tests that test the Knowledge Area. These can be counted 50/100 or 100, respectively. You can also take full-length tests.
Refer to the CAPM training materials after one round of the test to determine the root cause of your scores. Revision is key.
Your preparation with a CAPM Exam guide should include cycles/sub-phases that have milestones and reviews to track your progress.
Are you confident in your understanding of the concepts, definitions, application, and math questions? Next, schedule your exam and take full-length tests using your CAPM training materials.
Get enough sleep and be relaxed on the day of the exam
You must ensure that you have all the necessary identification and are ready to take the exam.