2022 CAPM Exam Review: Tushar Passed the Exam On His First Attempt

Tushar Tomar, a Dutch national, passed the CAPM exam in his first attempt. Tushar Tomar, a Dutch national, passed the CAPM exam after completing the Master of Project Academy’s CAPM training. He scored an “Above Target”. He has provided great tips and a review of the CAPM exam for us. This post contains his tips to pass the CAPM exam.
Let us show you the Tushar CAPM exam results before we go through Tushar’s CAPM exam review:

1) How long did it take to study for the CAPM examination?
I spent around two months preparing for the CAPM exam, with some breaks for official international visits. I spent around two hours per day studying the CAPM Certification Training Bundle offered by Master of Project Academy, PMBOK. Weekends were spent reviewing my notes and taking topic-specific exams to improve my understanding. I spent some time in the last week to review my notes and practice the exams from the training bundle.
2) What was your biggest struggle in preparing for the CAPM examination?
It is difficult to read more than 800 pages of PMBOK consistently. It is also difficult to remember all the elements of different knowledge area with their respective input, tools, techniques and output (ITTOs). Because I can access study material via Master of Project Academy’s CAPM training, it is easy for me to read the material even while on my daily commute to work.
3) What was the quality of CAPM training materials and how did it compare to other training materials?
Master of Project Academy’s CAPM study materials were very relevant and excellent. Master of Project Academy CAPM training provided a solid foundation for my concepts, which was crucial to passing the exam. The study materials are useful for understanding the PMBOK in depth and making your own notes.
4) How similar were the questions on the CAPM exam when you looked at them?
The questions were similar to those in the CAPM training material. Some questions were also based on Agile-based approaches, and customizing methods as updated in PMBOK. The exam also included numerical questions that were similar to the Math practice questions in the CAPM training bundle.
5) How many CAPM exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I took three full sample tests in addition to the 1,000+ questions included in the course bundle. I carefully analyzed the mock tests results and returned to the PMBOK to review the topics of incorrectly answered questions.
6) How was the support received during the CAPM training?
The support team was extremely helpful and responsive. The instructors were prompt and efficient in their responses.
7) Do any future CAPM candidates have any recommendations?
First, don’t miss the PMBOK and the CAPM course study materials. Second, don’t miss the Agile or tailoring practices for each knowledge topic in the PMBOK.
Use the “brain dump” technique within the first 5-10 minutes of your exam. This includes all numerical formulas and key concepts, project management knowledge areas/process table, as well as all numerical formulas. This technique was very helpful to me. I recommend at least 10 times writing the brain dump.
You should create a study plan according to your exam date. Then, break down the study material into smaller pieces (like WBS). This was based on the number of questions in the CAPM exam. You should also allow for flexibility in your study plan. This is important to stay realistic and motivated.
Remind yourself why you need this certification to keep you motivated, even during difficult times.
8) Do you have any tips or tricks for the CAPM exam?
Do your brain dump at least once a morning
You should eat a regular breakfast.
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