9 steps to pass the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI900 Certification Exam

1. Introduction?2. What can you expect from this article? Prerequisites4. The Key Benefits of AI900 Certification6. Exam Pattern7. Percentage of questions for all Modules8. Study Materials and References9. Tips and Tricks10. Get Certified Now
If you are an enthusiast for artificial intelligence, you will find the right place if you are looking to advance your career with Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI900 Certification Exam. Azure’s AI services empower developers around the globe to create chatbots, predictive engines, and digitally transform businesses. Now is the best time to get your certifications and improve your skills as a Microsoft Azure AI professional.
What can you expect from this article?
To become a Microsoft Azure AI professional, you will need to do extensive research. Core concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Azure AI Services, exam pattern, module names and the expected number of questions per module. Study material, test preparation guides and more. The sections that follow contain sample questions and links to self-learning portals. These sections will help you pass the exam in your first attempt.
There is no set way to take Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. However, candidates should have basic knowledge in Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence. It is possible to create AI solutions using foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure services. For the AI-900 certification exam, programming language knowledge is preferred.
The Key Benefits of AI-900 Certification
Candidates will be able to identify Microsoft Azure services and gain a lot of knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. As an Azure Data Scientist Associate, or Azure AI Engineer Associate, you can grow your career with the fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification. The IT market is full of jobs for those who work with data and use Microsoft Azure Services. Candidates with Microsoft certification badges on their CV are a big advantage. It is an easy way to let others know your skills are valid.
Exam Pattern
Percentage of all modules’ questions
This exam will include questions from the five modules listed below. Based on the weightage of each module you can prepare for certifications.
Module 1: Describe AI workloads, considerations (15-20%)
Module 2: Describe the fundamental principles of machine-learning on Azure (30-35%)
Module 3: Describe the features of computer vision workloads in Azure (15-20%)
Module 4: Describe the features of Azure Natural Language Processing (NLP), workloads (15-20%)
Module 5: Describe the features of conversational AI workloads in Azure (15-20%)

Module 1: This module will contain questions about 6 principles: Fairness, Reliability and Safety, Privacy and Security, Inclusiveness and Transparency and Accountability. Module 2: This module will include questions about machine learning principles, machine-learning workload, machine learning models, and the machine learning designer. There will be more questions about machine learning models, such as which model to use for a given requirement, such as Regression, Clustering, and Classification. Some questions will be about Machine learning Designer, where we have to drag and add missing fields to create a pipe.
Module 3: This module will contain questions about services such as computer vision, custom vision, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Form recognizer service. Computer vision will likely bring more questions.