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ABOUT USWhy Choose Us?We realize that you have many choices when selecting a guiding company and we believe we have the perfect combination of local and international experience to give you the best adventure. While most US companies are reliable and insured as US regulations require, they are often very expensive and lack the local knowledge of Asian companies. Asian companies have a more affordable price and offer the benefits of a local experience, yet reliability and standards are often lacking. We are the best of both. We are licensed in the US and hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality and expectations, and we also run all our own tours locally, with our own Sherpa guides and support staff. This allows us to offer the best combination of integrity, reliability and cultural experience at a reasonable price and gives the continuity of a single service. We guide on all 7 continents and have been in operation since 1987. We think you’ll love it!.Our MissionInternational Sherpa Guides strives to provide the safest mountain experience possible. We are committed to developing safe, self-reliant and environmentally-conscious mountaineers and offering courses and expeditions of unsurpassed quality throughout the world. Our business practices stress culturally aware and ethical travel.Safety.Our safety record stands as the finest in the guiding industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but a testament to our conservative nature when it comes to decision making. While mountaineering has inherent risks, route planning, camp selection, student instruction and leadership training start with a concern for the well-being of climbers.Our GoalsInternational Sherp Guides strives to:• Assist our clients in attaining the summit• Encourage respect and understanding of our unique alpine environment• Educate through the adventure of mountaineering and trekking• Offer the most enjoyable and rewarding alpine experience possible• Help you to achieve your goal and dreams.”Take only pictures, leave only footprints”Leave No Trace outdoor ethics is held in the very highest regard. We guide and climb with the idea that protecting, conserving, and preserving the resources are critical, both for our own programs and for others who follow. By arming our clients with the right knowledge, education and training, we can responsibly protect the resource while climbing as a team on the mountain. We will take all reasonable and adequate precautions to minimize damage to all natural and cultural resources.Individual AttentionWhether climbing with us to the summit of Everest, going on safari or river rafting, we provide personal attention, and prompt, courteous interaction. This is important to us. Gear, locations, fitness levels, and host-country knowledge are crucial elements in preparing for a trip and we treat every correspondence with utmost care and consideration. We have always felt that personal attention is an integral part of putting together team-oriented expeditions. We understand that being a premier mountaineering company is not only about offering quality services, but also about helping each individual achieve their personal goals.Our Expectations.Our courses and expeditions vary in difficulty and skill level. We expect participants to have a positive attitude and be physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the journey. We take the “team effort” idea very seriously and presume each climber shares our passion for mountains, cultures and environmental issues.Connections Abroad & How We OperateAll of our expeditions and treks employ local climbers, porters and/or guides. These local outfitters are carefully reviewed, not only for their expertise in the mountain regions nearest them, but as long term partners with The American Alpine Institute. Wesend our own guide on each expedition, as well as local guides since they are an excellent resource to understanding the climbing, trekking and culture in each of the areas we visit. Many of these outfitters have been with us since inception. We believe long-term relationships help foster environmentally sound and high quality expeditions.SummitOne of our principle goals is to see our clients reach the summit. Climbing requires a significant amount of time, money and energy on an attempt, and the greatest chance of safely reaching the summit lies with the high quality and caring guides who are the core of our company. We understand that our clientele often define success with the attainment of a summit, and we enthusiastically strive to see them attain that goal. Whether we reach the summit or not, we also strive to allow our clients to feel that the attempt is a worthwhile and meaningful experience in the mountains.Giving Back to the CommunityOne of our greatest joys is improving the lives of others. Through our sister organization, 7 Summits Foundation, we provide health care, infrastructure and schools to the people in the areas where we guide. For more information on education and volunteer programs visit our foundation site 7SummitsFoundation.org Contact InformationUSA Office:
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