AWS Launches Partner Competency for SaaS Experts A new AWS Partner Network (APN) competency turns the spotlight on consulting firms with expertise in building software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. AWS SaaS Competency is available to APN consulting partners who have been subject to rigorous technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, and have demonstrated customer success, AWS partner executives stated in a blog posting this week. The AWS SaaS Competency offers two types of partner categories. Depending on their focus, consulting partners may qualify for either one or both of the two categories. The Design Services category is reserved for partners who are skilled in using AWS infrastructure to create SaaS applications. According to the announcement, these partners “have the ability design, implement, integrate AWS infrastructure to support SaaS application architectures.” The Builders category is for partners who are skilled in software development. These partners are able to create multi-tenant software code for tier-1 SaaS apps using object-oriented programming and software development lifecycles (SDLC) agile methodologies. According to AWS spokespersons, the APN consulting partners go through a rigorous “vetting process” in order to earn the AWS SAAS Competency. The process generally consists of three areas:

  • The APN Partner, AWS Solutions Architects, as well as a 3rd Party auditor, conduct deep dives into multiple SaaS customer use cases during the vetting process. This validation process determines if a project’s architecture conforms to AWS Well Architected best practice for building the most secure and resilient cloud infrastructure for industry applications. It also aligns with the AWS SaaS best practice guidelines identified in the Technical Validation.
  • AWS SaaS Competency Partners must also demonstrate thought leadership in the space, build and maintain easily-discoverable web properties, so customers can find specific information about SaaS on AWS.
  • AWS SaaS Competency Partner must also complete the APN SaaS Navigation track. This tracks covers foundational business and architectural patterns to build a SaaS-based practice on AWS. APN Advanced and Premier Consulting Partners with extensive experience in designing and building SaaS Solutions on AWS can review AWS SaaS Competency Partners Validation Checklist.

Here is a list of partners who have already achieved the AWS SaaS Competency. A panel discussion about the new competency hosted at the APN can also be accessed on demand.