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Login | Join |RSS Search Recent Articles Submit Articles Author Guidelines Home Finance Bankruptcy Tips Advice Articles Bankruptcy Tips AdviceThe number of people going bankrupt increases each year. Experts attribute this to recent jack-ups in interest rates which, in turn, caused record levels of personal insolvencies. Then, too, rising fuel costs and taxes make a substantial dent on people’s disposable incomes. What is particularly worrying about the rise in bankruptcies is that it occurs at a time when employment is high. In fact, of those who filed for bankruptcy, only a third were unemployed. This shows even people with regular and substantial incomes also run into financial difficulties. This section contains bankruptcy tips and advice. Use them to understand how you can make the best out of a bad situation even if this involves bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Tips Advice Articles Can Iva’s Really Prevent Bankruptcy?By:| 2010-01-20 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is an officially binding settlement between yourself, and your creditors. You can seek to plan an IVA when there is no other likelihood of you being able to pay off all your debts. Bankruptcy Consequences For Business OwnersBy:| 2009-12-23 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice How does bankruptcy affect business owners? We discuss what the impact would be for Directors, Sole Traders and Employees, and look at what alternatives are available to keep the business going. Ten Further Financial Tips On Why Businesses FailBy:| 2009-11-26 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice Financial reasons are by far the most obvious cause of business failure. Here I set out ten further tips on avoiding financial problems. Bankruptcy Legal Advice – Read This Or Lose Your Hard Earned MoneyBy: Khurram Saleem | 2009-10-19 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice Bankruptcy is not an easy process, and especially when you are going through all those problems of debt, you always would appreciate a helping hand that would guide you through all the legalities and everything you don’t know about that process. This is where you should get bankruptcy legal advice from many … When Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is AppropriateBy: Nick Messe | 2009-08-26 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice In some cases Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the solution recommended by legal and financial experts. Chapter 13 will allow you to keep on functioning more or less as before. The court will look at your assets, your debts, and your ability to pay and will set up a repayment plan that it considers the best possible scenario for both you and your creditors. Company Insolvency – A Few Pointers To Look Out ForBy: Steve P Thatcher | 2009-08-09 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice You can spot whether your company may be in the grip of some financial distress with two classic tests. Are your assets less than your liabilities and can you pay your debts as and when they fall due. If you fail either of these tests then your company may be insolvent. Bankruptcy – Common Questions And MythsBy: Chass Perez | 2009-07-22 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice There are many assumptions most people will make about bankruptcy, many of them will lead you in the wrong direction. Everyone should understand the most important facts about bankruptcy, like when to stop using your credit cards if you’re going to file, who qualifies to file and what you can expect after you file. This topic normally inspires negative opinions, however it’s important to point out that the benefits of bankruptcy are often misunderstood and if you’re finding yourself in financial trouble and are having a tough time paying your creditors, inform yourself before you move forward with your petition. 3 Key Ways To Avoid Bankruptcy & CreditorsBy: Les Foster | 2009-07-19 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice Did you know when your bankruptcy case is filed your financial life becomes public information? This means every aspect of your financial situation and lifestyle become publicly reviewed. Here are 3 key ways to avoid bankruptcy The Impact Of Personal BankruptcyBy: Chris Blanchet | 2009-05-25 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice Considering Bankruptcy? There is much to consider before taking such a step. Here are some detailed pros and cons which just barely graze the surface of what could be the biggest mistake of your life. Debt Consolidation Or Filing Bankruptcy – Which Is Better?By: Mark Markus | 2009-04-25 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice One of the most frequent questions bankruptcy attorneys are asked by potential clients is whether they should file bankruptcy, or use a debt consolidation company to make payments towards their debts. For those lucky debtors who qualify for Chapter 7 (which requires no repayment of debts but allows in most cases for discharge of all dischargeable debts), the decision is markedly easier to make. But what about those who have the ability to make some monthly payments to their creditors and don’t qualify for chapter 7? What Does A Bankruptcy Evaluation Tell You?By: Jon Arnold | 2009-03-15 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice You don’t know your financial options until you have done a bankruptcy evaluation by a qualified bankruptcy lawyer. Find out what your real options are, which may not include bankruptcy. Tips For Saving Money To Get Out Of Credit Card DebtBy: LJ Adama | 2009-03-13 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice When facing huge amounts of debt, bankruptcy may be something on your mind. Learning and understanding bankruptcy, is very important to do before deciding to file. Life After Bankruptcy – Tips To Help You Rebuild Your Credit RatingBy: Glenn A. Brown Esq | 2009-02-28 | Bankruptcy Tips Advice Although you may want to avoid credit after bankruptcy, this is actually not the best thing to do. Some items are very difficult, if not impossible, to buy without credit. For instance, do you have enough money to buy a brand new house without credit? Can you even afford to buy a new car without credit? If not, you may have to rely on credit to make these or other large purchases at some point in your life. And, if you want to secure credit after bankruptcy you must first rebuild your credit rating.13 article(s) found.
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