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Here on this website, we provide you all the various tools and tips, which will help you hone your billiards skills. Our database covers articles written by the experts from the field of billiards. These articles are all dealing with topics related to billiards. Read on for information like tips on billiards, various shots, angles for hitting balls, situations and strategies dealing with them, rules and regulations of the game, how to finish billiards game, deciding upon which shot to take when. This is just a peek view of what more awaits you. Apart from these tips, we also have comprehensive encyclopedic information on history of billiards, the news and current events in billiards field, publications dealing with billiards, organizations and events in the field of billiards etc. Just take on a cue and hit the ball to the right pocket full of all information on billiards.Displaying 1-10 of 13 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>Pool Table DiningPosted by Bakar Georgee. Published on Jan 11, 2010 Cuszoom offers a wide range of customizable pool tables and pool table dining table combination sets. Custom manufactured billiard tables and pool dining room tables for sale. Pool Shooting Tips For BeginnersPosted by Francis Murphy. Published on Sep 11, 2009 Pool is a fun sport. You can improve your playing style by following several pool development techniques and exercises. Practice them regularly and see your bridge, hold, stance and gliding skills improve. Learning About The Billiards Table BasicsPosted by Tommy Green. Published on Aug 30, 2009 Buying a billiards table can greatly enhance the appearance of your home and provide lots of fun. Here are some things you need to consider before making your purchase. The Snooker Dining Table, A Great CompromisePosted by Steve Mcrea. Published on Jul 28, 2009 You only have one big room and you want a snooker table, but the room is used for entertaining as well, what to do? The answer is a snooker dining table, a great compromise. Choosing The Right Pool Table DesignPosted by Matt Jackson. Published on Jun 29, 2009 A pool table can be much more than a games table for playing pool or billiards; some of the best designs fit perfectly into any home or room and make the perfect addition to the decor of a property. The use of proper hardwood and high grade materials, as well as elegant table design, ensures that you will get almost as much pleasure out of looking at the table and showing it off to others as you will get from playing on it. Pool Tables – American Vs EnglishPosted by George Pennwood. Published on May 31, 2009 What is the difference between English and American Pool Tables? What are the different sizes, and the pros and cons of owning them. I Must Have A Viper Gothic Pool CuePosted by Ronald Hansen. Published on Apr 16, 2009 I just want to sing the praises about this Gothic pool cue. It is one incredibly cool looking pool cue that is really affordable and constructed to last. This cue is a durable work of art. Why You Must Have A Viking Platinum Custom Pool Cue In Your CollectionPosted by Ronald Hansen. Published on Mar 31, 2009 The inlaid graphics on the Platinum custom pool cue make this a really cool looking pool cue. Looks is not where the qualities of this pool cue end though, the price is remarkably low for a pool cue of this caliber. This pool cue will give the apprentice or master the satisfaction they look for in a pool cue. Custom Pool Cue Or Production Cue?Posted by Geoff Arnold. Published on Mar 20, 2009 Many Custom Pool Cue makers have models or brochures of their cues. If you buy one of their model cues is it still considered a custom cue? 8 Foot Pool Tables – A Buyer’s GuidePosted by Nicky Van Greunen. Published on Mar 10, 2009 When it comes to 8 foot pool tables, they are a standard size in America. While you will find plenty of models that are either 7 foot or 9 foot, there is no shortage of terrific offers that fit into this particular category. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your shopping experience. 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