Blog – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge V.4 Exam Format – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).

Cloud security is a new field so it is important to validate your skills by taking a certification exam or enrolling in online courses. Cloud security professionals are in high demand due to the security issues faced by organizations. Cloud Security Alliance offers Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge V.4 exam to professionals who want to increase their awareness of cloud security issues and its importance. It is a knowledge-based certification exam that was created by world-renowned thought leaders to help professionals face the challenges of cloud security. The certification exam doesn’t require any formal experience, but only a solid knowledge of the topics related to cloud security.
About Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge V.4
TheCloud Security Alliance (CSA) launched the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), a widely accepted standard of expertise, in 2010. The CCSK examis the industry standard for assessing cloud security skillsets. The CCSKhas been deemed the most valuable IT certification. CSA provides the best guidance to its members as well as the wider information security community. It reflects the changing landscape in cloud computing security.
Format for CCSK Exam
The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge V.4 exam consists of 60 questions that must be completed in a period of 90 minutes. It is important to manage your time. It also advised that you should spend no more than one minute per question, as there are 60 questions. If you complete your exam in 60 minutes, you still have 30 minutes to revise your answers and recheck them.
You should also be more cautious due to the variety of questions in the exam, including multiple-choice, multiple-choice, short answers, multiple choice, mark review and case studies. You can start with multiple-choice questions. Next, you will need to answer short answers. Finally, you will need to do case studies. These are the most time-consuming. To pass the exam, you must score at least 80%.
How do I schedule the exam?
You have scrolled down. After you have read this far, the next step is to register for the exam. Let’s look at the steps to register.
First, visit the official page of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge.
Click on the second option to take an exam.
Third, you will be on registration page.
Next, click on Login and choose the Buy option.
Last but not least, follow the prompts and make the payment.
Course Structure
The sections and topics help you to understand the exam. We will, without doubt, learn and understand the key areas that will be helpful during exam preparation for the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge V.4 exam.
Cloud Architecture
First, Introduction to Cloud Computing
Secondly, Cloud Essential Characteristics
Third, Introduction & Cloud architecture
Cloud Service Models
Shared Responsibilities
Cloud Deployment Models
Infrastructure Security for Cloud
Module Intro
Intro to Cloud Computing Security
Software-Defined Networks
Cloud Network Security
Securing Compute Workloads
Management Plane Security
Cloud Security and Risk Management
Introduction to Module
Cloud Security Risk Management
Legal Issues in Cloud
CSA Tools
Data Security for Cloud Computing
Module Introduction
Cloud Data Storage
Secure Data in the Cloud
Encryption for IaaS
Encryption for PaaS & SaaS
Other Data Security Options
Data Security Lifecycle
Cloud Computing: Application Security and Identity Management
Module Introduction
Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC).
Testing & Assessment
Secure Operations