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Business related articles32062320553204632045320113201032009319653196431947319383187831801317873174731742316853167231642316193160831593315923156131513Displaying 1-25 of 2456 result(s).A Short Guide To Writing Of Business ProposalsPosted by Proposal Samples on Jun 02, 2010Earning business from the partners and clients is the means by which an entrepreneur can boost the growth of an organization. In order to initiate the business between the merchant and the client, a proposal is sent to a client. It is an offer made by a buyer to a seller. This offer aims to solve the problem of a customer. In other words, a customer-friendly offer letter enables you to allure a customer towards an organization. In this way, you can win the business for your organization and boost its growth. E-book Readers – How To Select The Best Quality Ebook ReaderPosted by qualityebooksuk on Jun 02, 2010In earlier days,most of the people would like to purchase books and study them for relaxation.However,in this digital era,with the e books reader you are able to download e reader books from the web based e book stores. Filing Business Or Personal InsolvencyPosted by fair01 on Jun 02, 2010The act of not being able to clear your debts before the due date can be generalised as Insolvency. This definition is used widely with respect to businesses. There are two types of Business insolvency namely, Cash Flow Insolvency and Balance Sheet Insolvency. The first type refers to the inability of a company or business to clear its debts while the second type refers to having excess liabilities i.e. more liabilities than assets. Personal Insolvency takes both your cash flow and assets together into consideration. Customer Relations Beyond Quantitative AnalysisPosted by Kaitlyn Miller on Jun 02, 2010How do you measure a business’ relationship with your customers? There are those who measure this relationship on a purely quantitative basis like the number of print business cards that were distributed in a networking event or the number of complaints. How To Extract Different Ideas From Templates For Proposal Projects?Posted by Proposal Samples on Jun 02, 2010In the business of competitive environment, it is essential to explore maximum business opportunities and exploit them to your advantage. An entrepreneur earns business for the growth of his organization through contracts, agreements, projects and proposals. Mergers and acquisitions are other ways or methods of let the business of the company running. Out of all, projects are the ones that can bring maximum business to your enterprise either for short term or for longer term. A Roll-out Plan For Internet Marketing.Posted by DPS TECHNOLOGIES on Jun 02, 2010These days, a small businesses have been turning to the Internet to gain recognition as opposed to the traditional off-line sales channels If this sounds familiar, has your small business considered online marketing? Especially as consumers increasingly turn to the internet for local business information, you need to ensure your company is there to meet them. Designing Of A Professional Logo With Logo Maker ToolsPosted by Logo Software on Jun 02, 2010A corporate logo represents the professional identity of an organization. It forms an integral part of the branding strategy. The uniqueness and originality distinguishes a company from its competitors in the market. The Top 4 Types Of Business InsurancePosted by Stuart Broad on May 31, 2010Business insurance protects business owners against a range of possible losses including vehicles, travel, worker’s compensation and buildings. Essential Life Insurance QuestionsPosted by Stuart Broad on May 31, 2010Whether you require life insurance will depend greatly upon your personal circumstance. It is important not to get fooled by insurance sales people who will often call and offer a "promotional deal" for their "valued clients". Business Valuation Business Enterprise AppraisalsPosted by Patrick O Connor on May 31, 2010Business valuations are performed using methodology similar to the process for real estate appraisals. However in business valuation, the data sources are different. Further, there are nuances in the form of analysis. Enhance Your Brand Image With A Well-designed LogoPosted by Logo Software on May 31, 2010As a spokesperson, an entrepreneur talks to the public in the market about the company as well as its products and services. You can make your logo do the major part of talking about your business or an enterprise in the market. This is a characteristic of a unique and outstanding trademark. A Practical Guide To Impressive Business ProposalPosted by Proposal Samples on May 30, 2010For most of us writing a business proposal is a tedious and challenging task. The main aim of writing a proposal or an offer letter is to elicit a response from the potential customer and to attract him for accepting the offer made. It is an offer letter which is used for solving the problem of a prospective customer so that he can be convinced of the offer of an enterprise. How To Gauge The Value Of Your Logo?Posted by Logo Software on May 27, 2010A corporate logo is like a spokesman of your company. A good logo is the one which is embedded in meaning and projects a positive as well as real image of an organization. It is a trademark which represents the business identity of an organization in an impressive manner. Business Travel Tips Making Your Travel EasyPosted by Leanne Sweeney on May 27, 2010Business travel tips cover a wide range of subjects. From learning how to pack for your trip to booking your flight ticket, travel tips provide a lot of information. How To Manage Your Business CreditPosted by navseo on May 27, 2010An individual might find it hard to go lead a decent life with no high credit score. But there could be some exceptions to this decree. You might not be good at managing your credit card debt, but yet you can still find a job in financing due to the fact that you are excellent on what you do. A Key To A Successful Corporate LogoPosted by Logo Software on May 27, 2010A corporate logo is the one which carries a unique identity of the corporation. It should be designed in a distinct manner so that an onlooker can distinguish your company from your competitors. Enhancing The Look Of Your Name In Business Card PrintingPosted by Kaitlyn Miller on May 27, 2010Your name is the most important thing in your business card. It is of course the main purpose why you spend on business card printing, to give out your name as a contact. Tips For Choosing The Best Training Venues To Meet Your Business RequirementsPosted by bryanhills on May 27, 2010Conference venues in London are chosen quiet appropriately. A venue must be selected by keeping in mind the necessary business facilities required. The Basic Rules To Obey In Printing Business CardsPosted by Kaitlyn Miller on May 27, 2010While it is easy to do business card printing today (some people actually do it at home), you should be aware that there are a few basic rules you should obey in printing business cards. Deciding On Your Designs For Business Card Printing EffectivelyPosted by Colleen Davis on May 27, 2010Choosing a design for your business cards should be done purposefully and precisely. You should not choose something that “just looks niceâ€?. For professional business card printing, it is important that you take your design seriously since it will be a big tool in business. Logo Redesign ServicePosted by Alan Smith on May 26, 2010Logo redesigning is an excellent method to give a new brand identity to any business and mend any past mistakes if any. Questions To Ask Your Potential SEO Or Internet Marketing FirmPosted by Semseol on May 23, 2010Hiring an SEO or internet marketing firm is a good decision for your website or company. There are several firms or persons in the market, pretending to be experts in search engine optimization or internet marketing. But unfortunately, there are lots of scams and frauds and many of them use black hat SEO techniques in order to get high search engine rankings in less time. Hence, it’s quite significant to make a distinction between a fraud and a genuine SEO firm. Government Grants For Women – Overlook Loans And Try Out A Free Grant Software Very First!Posted by kellypaul on May 23, 2010You need to write proper grant application. If you are not sure of how to go about this, contact or get help from someone who knows how to write grants. Knowledge of this is extremely important and should not be overlooked. Vending Machine Business, Get Early ROIs For Start-upsPosted by vendzonemachines on May 23, 2010Vendzone helps you completely to start vending business on your own. Check our vending business guide now. Motorcycle Loans For Students: Wings Of Life From Dreams To RealityPosted by addyroy2009 on May 21, 2010Motorcycle loans for students are provided by the lending agencies in secured and unsecured variants and students of the United Kingdom may avail of such loans. 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