CISO MAG Turns Three! Your free Cybersecurity Mag

Three Years of CISO Mag
On July 14, 2017, CISO MAG was launched. Our vision was to provide unbiased and authentic news to information security professionals in critical sectors. This would help them to prevent, respond to and counter security threats. It has been an incredible journey of publishing, filled with years of anxiety, toil and long hours. It has been worth it!
CISO MAG reached 50,000 readers in 100 countries within the first year of its creation. This growth continued. It was then that it was clear: there was no turning back.
A lot has changed over the past three years. As a team, we grew and developed new initiatives. We interviewed hundreds security leaders and created a strong community of C-level executives in information security. We overcame every obstacle and continued to work together as a team. We did what we love, even when the pandemic struck us and the world was in limbo. We became the voice of cybersecurity industry, as we had hoped.
There are some things that haven’t changed: Our dedication, outrageous persistence, and journalistic ethics to produce a better cybersecurity magazine issue after issue and to keep our readers informed about all major cybersecurity incidents around the world.
We also took on the responsibility to introduce some of the most prominent names in cybersecurity to our readers, including Rik Ferguson and Brian Krebs.
The e-magazine has been completely redesigned this year to appeal to readers. This year, the CISO MAG website will also be redesigned. We would also be creating a community and board to allow contributors to articles on a regular base.
We introduced webinars because people love content in all forms, with video being the most popular content worldwide. This was to increase engagement and educate attendees about the latest happenings in cyberspace. We have been able to reach a wider audience through surveys, live Q&A, and visual interactive sessions.
We hosted webinars with prominent personalities, including:
The CISO MAG editors are on track for four Market Research Reports this year.
An executive contributor panel of some of the most respected cybersecurity experts around the world is responsible for all the achievements of CISO MAG over the past three years. The rest of it goes to a bunch hard-working professional staff at CISO MAG, who are constantly striving to improve the content’s quality and reach every day.
Last but not least, we want to thank you, the readers of CISO MAG, for your continued interest. Your feedback has allowed us to improve year after year. Keep sending us your feedback. We are forever grateful to you.
We will continue to lead all stakeholders in safe internet.
We are grateful for the years that have passed! Cheers to the next year!
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