⇓Article MarketingBook MarketingCopywritingPublic SpeakingTeleseminarsWritingWriting ArticlesConcrete ArticlesConcrete is a stone like building material which is man made by mixing the cement and other components with water. It has a very high solidifying rate due to hydration. The concrete is mainly used to make pavements, parking, floors, foundations, roads, bridges, and bases for poles gates and other support needing items. Great care should be taken in the ratio of materials to assure the required strength and integrity of the structures being made does not fail soon or in later years. The bonding results from the reaction of water and cement where a lot of heat is produced as the items are bound together. The best information on concrete has being put forward by the expert building contractors thus it will help you in your home improvement projects. Different mixing ratios are explained and compared in terms of the strength of the resulting structures. So do not mess your work visit us and read a lot on concrete.21418210151936418154162391607212905694930252946Displaying 1-10 of 11 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>Concrete Foundations Are Easy To Build But It’s Worth Researching Online And Finding An ExpertPosted by Katherine D Peacock on October 2, 2009 If you’re building an out-building or a simple stand alone structure then you may only need to use concrete foundations as opposed to piling or other more complicated methods. This type of foundation is really easy to implement but it’s definitely worth hiring a professional to oversee the process. Looking for this information online is your best bet but make sure that you do some research. Garage Floor And Concrete StainPosted by Carol Tarnowski on September 25, 2009 Many of the steel buildings that are being constructed in the area of Texas that I live in are using concrete stain on not only their garage floor, but the rest of the floors in the construction as well. Steel buildings are now being used not just for factories and manufacturing facilities, but for homes. The buildings are durable and can be constructed either very minimalist or elaborate, having either one or two stories. Hiring A Concrete Contractor – How To Not Get TakenPosted by Christopher Harrison on August 30, 2009 When installing a concrete structure within your premises such as a driveway, walkway, patio, deck or a basement, it is crucial to call in a contractor to carry out the job for you. Concrete mixing, molding and pouring is a precise job that is best left to professionals. Concrete is the most widely used man made substance in the entire world. The Dangers Of Cement BurnsPosted by Joseph Devine on August 15, 2009 Anyone who regularly works around cement knows that one of the many potential hazards of the trade is suffering from cement burns, a dangerous and painful chemical burn that results because of the caustic nature of wet cement. While professional cement layers are certainly familiar with the dangers of cement burns, many Americans find themselves pouring cement at some point without knowing the damage they could cause themselves by not being careful around mixed cement. Beautify Your Concrete Pool Deck With Decorative Stamped ConcretePosted by David Gipson on July 19, 2009 There’s no reason to be satisfied with a bland, gray concrete pool deck anymore. Why settle for the boring style of twenty years ago, when you can have a concrete pool deck that is stylish and attractive? The answer lies in being able to stain and stamp your pool deck – it’s much less expensive than having a new deck installed, and the results are amazing! Concrete Pre-pour ChecklistPosted by Amy Nutt on July 17, 2009 As someone working in the construction field, knowing the process of creating concrete structures is very important. It is a material that is becoming more popular for all kinds of use from home foundations to even building an entire home from it. The only potential problem with using concrete is that once it sets it is near impossible to fix any mistakes. Polished Concrete ProcessPosted by Ron Black on May 31, 2009 Few people realize what is involved in producing polished concrete. There are a few traps for the do-it-yourself handyman and even professionals can be surprised by what they find as they proceed. There are different ways to produce the look and some are more expensive than others. This is a valuable guide for anyone contemplating polished concrete for their home, office or warehouse. Should I Sealcoat My Asphalt?Posted by Bruce Hake on February 15, 2009 This article is designed to dispel the myth that asphalt should not be sealcoated. Never be mislead again! Methods For Removing An Unwanted Concrete StainPosted by Thomas Savenstock on December 23, 2008 Concrete is the most durable, yet one of the most versatile, building materials in the world. It can be poured, pumped, molded and shaped, and afterward it can be stamped, stained or painted to resemble wood, tile, brick, marble, or natural stone. However, one great attribute of concrete, its porous nature, can also be a great weakness. Your Options On Concrete Slab RepairPosted by Thomas Savenstock on December 22, 2008 Concrete has to be the most versatile building substance available! You can use it for floors or decks, you can build walls, you can mold it, shape it, even grind and polish it. 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