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Read on about how to develop the creative powers, using creativity to spread goodness, creativity as a meditative tool, creativity as a therapy, creativity and art, tips to creative writing, tips to creative thinking and so on. There is so much in the world and all of it is the result of the creativity of someone or the other. Learn about how creativity and visualization can help you improve the quality of your life, how creativity can act as a mode of expressions hidden deep within, where does creativity come from, creative artists since time immemorial etc. Read, learn, develop, express. Creativity is a gift of god. Let us gift this gift to you too. Read on to collect the gift of creativity.Displaying 1-10 of 13 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>How To Generate A Truckful Of IdeasPosted by Puneet Bhatnagar. Published on Sep 18, 2009 Ask any creativity expert and he will tell you "it helps to get a lot of ideas, more ideas you get, the better chance of hitting at a fresh solution." But the question that baffles everyone is: how? 3 Things To Do To Take Care Of YouPosted by Laura Dessauer. Published on Aug 14, 2009 Maybe you can’t visit a spa right now because of time, money, or practicality reason (like who will take care of the kids). This doesn’t mean you have to trudge on through your days feeling frazzled. Many of my clients say that that coming to see me is like a mini-spa, a time that they can renew and replenish themselves. So if you can’t make it in to see me here are some things you can do to take care of the most important person in your life- YOU! Music, Emotion And Creativity – Using Tone To Slip Into Your Creative ZonePosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Aug 11, 2009 When athletes compete at top level they say they are in the zone, and when creative people are doing their very best work whether it be in music, art, or writing they say that they are in the creative flow. The challenge of course is how you get into the zone, or the creative flow. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it takes someone who is literally one with their art or sport to be able to snap in and out of it. How To Create A Mind MapPosted by Marelisa Fabrega. Published on Aug 02, 2009 A mind map is a whole-brain method for generating and organizing ideas. Basically, you place an image at the center of a piece of paper which represents the subject matter of the mind map. Then you write down a key word that describes your topic. Next, you proceed to draw branches leading out from the central issue which represent the main associations that come from thinking of said issue. From each main association, you then branch out into sub-associations. In this article you’ll find step-by-step instructions for creating a mind map. Increase Creativity – 3 Easy "how-to" Steps & 7 Benefits Of Doing SoPosted by Pat L Anderson. Published on May 07, 2009 Do you ever find yourself living without zest or luster? Does life often seem boring to you? If you would like to live a more vibrant, creative life you will when you read and apply these 3 simple steps in your life. Why The World Desperately Needs You To Be As Creative As You Can BePosted by Dan Goodwin. Published on Apr 05, 2009 Feel selfish spending time on your own creating? Here’s why not only is it necessary for you, it’s selfish NOT to give the world your creativity. 5 Ways To Be A Wonderful Supportive Parent To Your CreativityPosted by Dan Goodwin. Published on Apr 01, 2009 Do you know to be a good parent to your creativity? Here are ways we commonly neglect our creativity, and what to do to be supportive instead. Stop Stressing Those Summer ProjectsPosted by mckennacon. Published on Mar 29, 2009 The weather is getting nicer outside and many people are beginning to plan their summer projects. There are so many things that are easier to get accomplished in the nice weather that you start to see everyone going outside again. Creativity And The Artist’s Way – No Cost Samples For Un-blockingPosted by Leslie Gebhart. Published on Feb 15, 2009 Think creativity is just for others? Yet have a feeling you’d like to try something new? Whether you are in an artist’s way workshop or solo, here are 3 zaps to support your creative process no matter what your age, stage or story. Yes you can! The 5 Fundamental Laws Of CreativityPosted by Dan Goodwin. Published on Dec 12, 2008 Everything we create begins with a spark of an idea. Creativity defined in its simplest terms is bringing stuff into being that wasn’t there before. That starts in the mind with a phrase, an image, a theory, or a melody. 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