Did you know that the PMP Exam will be starting with a new syllabus in September 2021?

Introduction of the PMP certification
The American Project Management Institute created the PMP certification for project management professionals. It is a qualification exam for project manager to critically evaluate their knowledge and skills. Its purpose is provide a standard industry standard for project managers.

The PMP certification is the most sought-after certificate in project management and is widely recognized in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. Fortune Magazine once stated that the 21st century was the century of project management professionals (PMP) because all business activities can become projects.

According to a fall 2014 survey by Global Knowledge, a US IT training company, and magazine called Windows IT Pro about the US IT industry, the PMI (Project Management Institute), sponsored PMP certification (Project Management Professional), ranked 4th among the 15 most valuable professional qualifications. The PMP certification is also the most popular non-IT security certification. The three certifications that are immediately preceding the PMP certification include all IT security technology certifications.

The Value of a PMP Certificate

A. Additional points for enterprise procurement bidding

B. B. A certificate is required to work in project management, product management, or other related positions.

C. Rapid promotion and salary increases. The salary potential for PMP certificate holders is greater than that of non-certificate holders.

D. You will be internationally recognized in 206 countries. It is currently recognized in more than 200 countries. It is a popular certificate in the field of global project management.
The PMP’s Applicable Fields
Software, manufacturing, communication engineering and finance.

PMP project management can be applied to many industries, including finance, real estate and petrochemical. It is appropriate for project managers, project backbones, and project team members of most enterprises.
Requirements for PMP Application

Candidates must have 35 hours of PMBOK training or learning experience in project management. They must also present a copy of the relevant certificate from the training center of former State Administration of Foreign Affairs, or other authorized training institutions by PMI.

Different education levels require project management experience.

A.Bachelor degree or higher (with degree certificate).

The applicant must have at least 4500 hours experience in project management in the five major projects management processes. The cumulative number of months of project management is at least 36 months prior to the date of application.

b. Bachelor’s degree or lower (without a degree certification)

Applicants who do not have a bachelor’s or equivalent college degree must have at least 7,500 hours experience in project management in each of the five project management processes. You must have at least 60 months of experience in project management within the last 8 years.

PMP Examination

(1) Exam form: Written exam

(2) Exam content: “PMBOK Project Management Guide

(3) Exam time: There are generally four exams per year. They are in March, June and September, September, and December.

The PMP Examination Outline in its New Version
It will begin in September 2021.

In 2021, the Project Management Professional (PMP), certification exam in mainland China will undergo a second revision. The new version will be focused on the following three domains.

The percentage of the exam content

I. People

Focus on the skills and activities required to lead project teams effectively



Technical areas of project management are being improved



Highlighting the connection between project and organizational strategy




The content is divided across the value delivery spectrum (including agile or blended approaches) and is available in three exam areas.

The PMP(r), the new exam, will continue to use the same textbook as the PMBOK (r) Guide – 6th edition as a reference.

Before and after the revision

Exam module: Five process groups (initiation to planning, execution, control and closure)

Exam module: Three major areas (people process, business environment)

Question type: 200 single-choice questions

Question type: 180 multiple-choice questions (single choice + multiple choice)

Exam time: 240 minutes

Exam time: 230 minutes