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In this section, we help you get all the information you need regarding divorces. Our writers and experts from the field of relationships and marriages will help you understand various aspects concerned with divorces. Read on to know more about how to save your marriage, top reasons for not getting a divorce, top reasons for getting a divorce, getting prepared for a divorce, managing the custody of your kids, shifting and moving issues, problems of being lonely after divorce, dealing with the trauma of divorce and so on. Apart from helping you deal with the divorce or impending divorce issues, our site also provides you with various links to other sites. These sites offer you cheap lawyers for getting a divorce, or offer you their services in speeding up the process for divorce. Whichever is the one you need, know that relationships are very important for our lives. Read on for a more detailed outlook.Displaying 1-10 of 39 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous1234Next >Last >>Stop Your Divorce And Become Happily Married All Over AgainPosted by Sutikno Slamet. Published on Dec 28, 2009 Remember when you got married? Everything was wonderful because you were in love and were loved. Life was perfect as you anticipated a lifetime of wedded bliss and a future filled with love and happiness. Your wedding vows were so meaningful as you gazed into each other’s eyes knowing you would be together as long as you both shall live. The Value Of An Affordable Divorce AttorneyPosted by Justin. Published on Dec 23, 2009 Actually, this means that while the non-custodial parent enjoys visitation rights, the child lives primarily with one parent. Joint physical custody means that both parents see their child for an extended period of time. The specifics of custody cases are often dealt…. Husband Filed For Divorce And Know He Is Begging To Come Home – Save Your RelationshipPosted by Dogman. Published on Dec 13, 2009 If you want to stop your divorce, you have to convince the other person they need to give the relationship another try. After all, you have a history together, and obviously were in love at some point. It is not always possible to stop a divorce, but you can stop a divorce up until the final paperwork is filed. Divorce Settlements â?? Five Common Mistakes You Must Avoid To Obtain A Positive ResultPosted by John Faggio. Published on Dec 11, 2009 Negotiating your separation agreement can be one of the most trying, costly, and long-lasting events in your lifetime. Just like our transition to colder weather, a change in attitude and mindset can enhance your chances of a faster and financially positive divorce settlement. The Down Low On Prenuptial AgreementsPosted by Peace talks. Published on Nov 20, 2009 Between news coverage, soap operas and family drama, we all have some preconceived notions about Premarital Agreements (also know as Prenuptial Agreements). Make Divorce Work For YouPosted by Cory Aidenman. Published on Nov 16, 2009 It’s not your choice. You don’t want it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. Your best bet is to try and make the divorce work for you. By this I mean don’t let it destroy your life. Get the best settlement you can and start a new life. Terminating A Domestic Partnership In CaliforniaPosted by Peace talks. Published on Nov 13, 2009 With all the fanfare about gay marriage, Proposition 8, and domestic partnerships, it seems like many people are still confused about whether the termination of a domestic partnership is like a divorce. Get Your Wife Back – Here Is How To Do It Before It Is Too LatePosted by Will Scott. Published on Nov 06, 2009 Get your wife back before she is attached to someone else. Here is how to get her back before it is too late. Ideas you can put to use immediately to stop divorce in its tracks. Estate Planning MediationPosted by Peace talks. Published on Oct 30, 2009 More and more couples are using mediation for their estate planning needs. http://www.peace-talks.com/estate.php Sometimes that’s because they’re a blended family, a second marriage with children from previous relationships, and they want to make sure that all of the children and step-children are treated fairly. I Want To Get My Ex-husband BackPosted by Barbara N. Published on Oct 01, 2009 Do you think about your ex-husband often? Do you find yourself wishing, &quot;I want to get my ex-husband back&quot;? There are some things you can do to make that happen. 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