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Dog petting, Dog training, which trainer is the best for your dog, what food is best, what diet plan for your dog, a separate dog house, attention seeking behavior of your dog, proper grooming, flea issues, health and diseases your dog is likely to suffer – these are just few of the topics. For those who are yet to own a dog, we also have articles addressing issues like identifying a good breed, different dog breeds for you, how to go about with the purchase of a dog, adjusting the dog in your family etc. So don’t be scared to shake a hand with its Paw. With our website here to serve you, you are well equipped to deal with your dog’s playful prancing about and around you.Displaying 1-10 of 22 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous123Next >Last >>Brief Overview Of Basic Dog TrainingPosted by Michal Vogas. Published on May 21, 2010 Proper dog training procedures can help responsible dog owners keep their dog in line. Several varieties of obedience training and puppy training are used. Putting Up Electric Dog FencesPosted by John Petersons. Published on Mar 09, 2010 Electric dog fences are very helpful in keeping the dog from wandering off on its own as its virtually invisible perimeter can sound a warning beep (and then some electric voltage) to keep the dog in the house. Braided Bully Sticks – Are They Good For Small Dogs?Posted by Amitesh Kumar. Published on Feb 20, 2010 Braided bully sticks or beef puzzles are a very healthy treat for small dogs to chew on. They are becoming more popular than rawhide bones or cooked bones. Buying A Comfortable Dog BedPosted by Chrisgyleo Gyle. Published on Feb 09, 2010 A manÂ’s best friend is the dog – so the saying goes, and many believe that spending quality time each day with your dog will keep you away from much of the tensions and stress associated with everyday life. Taking your dog for exercise a couple of times each day is known to benefit both the dog and the owner and, when you consider the other everyday activities a dog endures, then it makes sense to make sure your dog has a comfortable bed to rest and recuperate properly. The Santa Dog Costume Is Back For This SeasonPosted by Jenny Gregorich. Published on Dec 23, 2009 The snowflakes have already started to touch the Earth with its gentle hands. With the celebration just around the corner it is now high time to look for the maximizing the enjoyment this Christmas season. You will be well aware that enjoyment during the holiday season maximizes as we see our loved ones being happy. Dog Boarding, Safe Destination For Your Furry ChildPosted by Ronald Rickson. Published on Sep 11, 2009 Pet home boarding is your one stop shop to choose pet boardings and hosts for your little furry child. Thoroughly designed and thoughtfully conceived the site is your online guide in selecting the right pet home boarding to keep your pet safely when you are away from home. Pet Sitting; The Caring Hand For Your Four-legged ChildPosted by Ronald Rickson. Published on Sep 11, 2009 The online journal Pet home boarding, offers you complete information in choosing the professional pet sitter. With detail information and user-friendly navigation, the site is your one stop shop to know more about pet sitter. Canine Lymphoma – What You Need To KnowPosted by Rena Wong. Published on Aug 29, 2009 Canine lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes in dogs. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that play a crucial role in defending the body against pathogens such as bacteria and virus. The tumor can develop in any part of the body where there is lymph tissue, such as lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, liver and other organs. Finding Dog TrainersPosted by Raj bagarhatta. Published on Jun 14, 2009 Free dog training advice can be extremely beneficial when attempting to train your dog at home. How To Do Proper Ear, Nails And Eye Care For Your Dogs And Golden RetrieversPosted by Paul Kramer. Published on May 22, 2009 Another weekly job is cleaning the ears. Many times an ear problem is evident if a dog scratches his ears or shakes his head frequently. Clean ears are less likely to develop problems, and if something does occur, it will be spotted which it can be treated easily. Go to page: << First< Previous123Next >Last >> Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.