To reach new heights of fun and adventure on your European getaway, be sure to remember the guided tours from International Sherpa Guides. Our range of European treks and expeditions are sure to appeal to the explorer in everyone, and every trip offers new ways to experience the best European destinations.For a less strenuous experience, treks are a great option. These easier trips can last over a week, taking guests through some of the most impressive landscapes in Europe. Although treks are entirely by foot, the speed is more leisurely and the paths are less challenging. Treks can vary by location, with one winding through the Bernese Alps before ending with Matterhorn. Another option explores the Alps in Switzerland, including famous mountains like Graub√ľnden and Matterhorn.Expeditions are a more intense opportunity. Our guided tours take guests all the way to the top of the mountain. With expeditions, the physical challenge provides unparalleled mental stimulation, making the journey entirely unforgettable. There are expeditions for most major mountains across Europe, including options for the Matterhorn Summit and the Mont Blanc Summit.Treks and expeditions from ISG are a great opportunity to experience European destinations in a whole new way.
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