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Ezine Publishing ArticlesThe Internet has revolutionized many industries. At the same time, it gave rise to new processes and trends. Ezine publishing is one example. An ezine is a publication that is posted on websites or is distributed via email. Ezine publishing typically implement niche marketing in that it emphasizes tight focus on a specific subject area. The ezine, CULT OF THE DEAD COW, lays claim to being the first to perform ezine publishing. In recent years, the trend of ezine publishing leans heavily towards interactive content. The articles in this section can help you understand ezine publishing however. Use them to navigate your way around the complex maze that is ezine publishing.Displaying 1-10 of 25 result(s).<< First< Previous123Next >Last >>The Great Benefits Of Ezine MarketingPosted by Tony Curles. Published on Oct 02, 2009 An ezine is a newsletter that is delivered via email that members subscribe to, requesting information from a specific niche market. Ezine marketing is the fastest way of reaching potential customers via email when you have no email list of your own. How To Publish An Ezine For Your BusinessPosted by Jinger Jarrett. Published on Aug 10, 2009 Ezines are an easy way to help you build a list for your business. By offering exclusive content, like articles, product reviews, and other resources, you’ll build credibility with readers and make more money from your business. Why Should You Have An Ezine?Posted by Bette Creek. Published on Aug 02, 2009 If you are a solo business owner, your to-do list is probably bursting at the seams. Your days are filled with client work, bookkeeping, networking, and voice-mail and e-mail messages to respond to. So why would you want to add another item to your list such as sending out an Ezine or electronic newsletter? Top 3 Ways To Get More Sales From Your Ezine Or NewsletterPosted by Gab L Chu. Published on Jun 15, 2009 The most important thing you need to do as an ezine or newsletter publisher right at the start is to do proper research on your target consumers. You need to understand their needs, wants and desires. Understand their expectations from you as an ezine or newsletter publisher. What are their goals? Why would they want to read your ezine? Pressmart Announces Emag 3.0 Bringing New Innovations To On-demand Digital PublishingPosted by Andrew Marks. Published on Jun 06, 2009 Pressmart eMag 3.0 version offers deep analytics into the digital edition online traffic and user reading behavior, giving invaluable insight to the editorial and ad marketing teams of a publication. How To Post Good Articles To Relevant Ezine Directories OnlinePosted by Quajo Cherm. Published on Jun 02, 2009 Good article conversion rates are highly enhanced if they are posted to directories with 100k circulation, and under the right categories. They also reach their targeted audience if they are placed in directories whose interest match what you are promoting in the article. When it comes to choosing directories, private ones are paramount. Make Money Writing OnlinePosted by Samantha Milner. Published on Jun 01, 2009 Want to know how to make money writing online?First, you must learn how to write for an online audience.Naturally, words are the paramount conveyor of information in this medium. The information you have should be reduced to writing. This is where your writing prowess, or your grasp of the written word at the very least, would come to play. Ezine Mastery – 7 Steps To Creating A Winning EzinePosted by Chris Peterson. Published on May 14, 2009 Your ezine or newsletter is your ticket to creating a large income online. If you have not started one than you should. It will help you keep with potential customers on a weekly basis and is the platform for you to make sales and explode your online earnings. 10 Reasons Why You Must Be Marketing With ArticlesPosted by Clara Nolt. Published on May 03, 2009 You are welcome to republish this article as long as the resource box is included at the end. If you have been online for more than a day you have heard someone somewhere say that you must write and distribute articles to make money online. Sure, article marketing sounds great – but does it really work? Build Your Fanbase Through E-zine MarketingPosted by Yonathan Aynom. Published on Apr 13, 2009 If writing articles and blogging is your passion, why not try taking things to a higher level and create your own E-zines for a change? 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