Five Great Reasons to Learn SQL

Who is the one who is affected by databases?
Almost everyone should raise their hand. Databases have an impact on our daily lives in some way or another. Take coffee for example. You can earn two Starbucks Stars (points), each time you purchase a Starbucks pumpkin spice latté. All of that information is then stored in a database.
You can probably imagine how many data files there are stored and how they can be retrieved, judging by the popularity of Starbucks. It’s not hard to imagine how overwhelming this can be.
SQL is here to help you use large amounts of data. It’s a programming language designed to manage data in relational database management systems. Let’s now dive into five reasons you should learn SQL.
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Get started with training1. SQL helps you manage it allData is amazing. Nearly all jobs in the world depend on data. Even farming can be enhanced with GPS and databases. But where does this data come? SQL is the answer, my friends! SQL allows you to ask exactly what you want every time. This idea seems simple until it becomes overwhelming when you stare at 500 petabytes of data in your eyes and are unable to get a straight answer. SQL solves this problem by giving you the data you need the first time that you ask.
2. The Cloud is Bringing in a New Age of Technology. SQL plays well with the cloud. SQL won’t disappear anytime soon, however. Quick, Google “which cloud platform uses SQL?” Our search returned four queries related to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. If you dig deeper, you will find that AWS supports SQL within Amazon’s Relational Database Service. (RDS). This service includes a wide range of tools that allow you to maximize your data. What does this all mean? As technology advances, SQL will continue to be a valuable tool. However, NoSQL applications in big data may become more useful.
3. Increase your marketability by learning SQL skills Data is useless if it’s not understood how to retrieve, manage, and understand it. This is where you come in. You can conquer SQL and help to supply professionals who can leverage SQL.
4. Don’t Forget SQL Server 2016: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is HereMicrosoft Windows Server 2016 may be getting more attention at the moment, and that’s a good thing. But let’s not forget the other flagship product that was just launched. Windows 10 is not the answer. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is fully loaded and ready to encrypt, optimize, and analyze your data. Microsoft SQL Server has been around since 1989 and can fulfill all your relational database requirements. It’s widely used, respected, and the latest release puts all the tools you need to become a SQL wizard at your disposal. As long as you can use them, it’s a good choice.
Update: SPOTO trainer Garth Schulte is creating training for SQL Server 2016. His Microsoft SQL Server 2014 training will get you up to speed on all the latest SQL features.
5. SQL still reigns supreme. While there are differences among platforms that use SQL, queries used to access data are almost universal. SQL is still the most widely used query language. Understanding SQL and being able use it effectively can help you take advantage of the powerful features offered by Amazon Web Services and Google.
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