Five Signs it’s Time to Get a New Project Management Software

I was recently able to see first graders taking an outdated intelligence test. They were asked to identify common objects using a photograph. Many of them failed to answer this question.

Answer: A thermometer
Most kids grew up with digital thermometers. It’s not hard to believe that they don’t know what those mercury contraptions are. The first graders looked at the picture with uncertainty, much like new employees might look at your project management software.
Software expires quickly, it’s not an understatement. These are five signs it’s time for an upgrade.
1. You are using too many tools

It’s time to upgrade your project management software if you are using a cloud system and a time tracker in three different applications.
Multipliplicity can lead to duplication, inefficiency, and wasted time.
Many products integrate common project management requirements. BaseCamp’s latest version, for instance, can sync with Android apps and iPhone Google Drive documents and has improved event functionality. BaseCamp also offers a simplified process that allows users to modify their plans as their business grows.
2. You want your work to be available on the cloud

There are three reasons you should continue to use your project management software:
Most project management vendors have offered options or moved to cloud-based PM software in the past two years. Why? Cloud-based software has been a huge success for many teams. They have found that it is easy to communicate, integrate, and implement.
The best part?
There are many free options.
3. Your software isn’t growing with your company

Your business is growing. That’s great! However, not all tools are able to scale seamlessly. The small-business software you started with may not be able handle the new challenges your business faces.
Although it might be tempting to purchase enterprise software immediately, make sure you choose software that is easy to scale. Microsoft Project, for instance, makes it easy to switch between plans. This makes it a flexible option for small, medium and large businesses.
4. The software does not provide sufficient updates

Status updates are one of the best features of project management software. Your project management software is not doing its job if project managers have to hold meetings to keep track of the progress of a project, or if clients are constantly asking about the status of the project.
Software that manages projects should make it easy for users to see the status of any given project. WorkZone, for example, allows clients to view updates and can also accept updates from the team.
5. Your software is too complex for new hires

More features doesn’t always mean better. The truth is that the more complex a tool, the more training your employees will require. This can lead to lost time and reduced productivity. Project management tools should be simple. If you need to learn how to use the software in detail, it may not be for you.
Trello is a simple PM tool. It’s undoubtedly one of the most intuitive and intuitive project management software options. Sign in, create a card, then you’re good.
Are you a project manager software user? What were your telltale signs of a project management software upgrade? Comment below to share your answers!
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