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As rainstorms rage, storm drains and sewer systems become clogged. The resulting overflow can cause a lot of damage in areas where they are least expected. As far as flood insurance goes, the closer you live to a river with a history of flooding, the pricier obtaining coverage will be. The articles in this section are all about flood insurance.Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).A Flood Insurance Policy Is Often Misunderstood By Homeowners And RentersPosted by Clifford J Schimek. Published on Oct 02, 2009 Water damage and flood damage are considered two different types of hazards. All homeowner insurance policies exclude coverage in the event that damage was caused by flooding. The Commercial Cost Of Flood DamagePosted by Derek Rogers. Published on Sep 05, 2009 One of the top priorities of a businessperson with a store of their own is to make sure that the store premises are insured against any chance of flood damage. This is for the simple reason that a company or individual could well risk bankruptcy just down to damage caused to stock and equipment in a warehouse or office. Tips On Buying Insurance Cover For FloodsPosted by Renata Lavlor. Published on Aug 20, 2009 The definition of a flood is water overflowing from an expanse of water that will cover a large area of land that is usually dry. There are an incredible number of causes of floods, from intense rainfall from both ordinary storms, hurricanes, tropical storms and tsunamis to drainage obstructions such as breaking dams, landslides or glaciers, and even man-made causes such as overgrazing, overcultivation, improper disposal of waste, deforestation or poor water management. The Top 5 Devastating Floods To Hit New YorkPosted by Flora Richards-Gustafson. Published on Apr 25, 2009 New York is one of the United State’s most historically rich cities. It has been the starting point for so many new inventions, industries and movements. It has also been strongly affected by severe weather. This article lists the top five worst flood disasters to hit New York in the last 200 years and how each had an impact on the people and businesses of that time. Iowa Flood – It’s Time To Consider Homeowners And Flood Damage InsurancePosted by Shirly Smith. Published on Apr 21, 2009 With the frequency and magnitude of most natural disasters in recent times, you will agree with me that nature seems to be angry with the way and manner we abuse the environment. Some will say, it is a sign of the end times. It is disheartening to see the millions of people affected by natural disasters like the Myanmar Cyclone Nargis, Katrina, China Earthquake and most recently the Iowa flood… Think It Couldn’t Happen To You?Posted by Carla D Edwards. Published on Apr 19, 2009 A few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Floods are the number 1 natural disaster in the United States. Homeowners Insurance And Flood Damage – Things You Should KnowPosted by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba. Published on Apr 06, 2009 The clock goes off and you climb out of bed, another routine day. You make the coffee and walk into the bathroom to take a quick shower before work. You turn on the hot water and you wait a second for it to get hot but it doesn’t. Flooding – A Serious Hazard During Winter MonthsPosted by Anita Koppens. Published on Jan 22, 2009 Heavy rains are the source of major troubles throughout the world every year. Even individuals who believe they live a substantial distance from flood zones can find themselves in danger when rivers outgrow their banks or rain comes too rapidly for drainage canals to handle. Do you know what you would do if your home was assaulted by damaging floodwaters? Why Everyone Should Have Flood InsurancePosted by Rich Kahmer. Published on Dec 11, 2008 Many people think that flood insurance is only for people that own a house along the coast. Others have learned the hard way that flood insurance is important for everyone. Flooding – The Risks For Design ConsultantsPosted by Paul P Berg. Published on Nov 12, 2008 The floods in Dublin, Belfast and many other parts of Ireland in August 2008 serve as a vivid reminder to designers in the construction industry of the need to take account of the risks of flooding in their designs. This note addresses some of the risks that designers and other construction professionals face and suggests some steps that may be taken to minimise their potential liability. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by SynArticles.com, All Rights Reserved.