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CLIENT’S TESTIMONIALSFulfilled a long time dream
Last year I came, almost by accident, upon an opportunity that helped fulfill a longtime dream of mine and also provided me with the experience and satisfaction of volunteering for a good cause.I was lucky to be able to travel with A.C. Sherpa and the ISG for 28 days to Nepal. It was a memorable trip to a beautiful country with friendly and welcoming people. The Himalayan Women and Children’s Foundation was an integral part of the trip that provides dental services to poorvillagers who otherwise have no care. I am not a dentist but my assistance in providing help in their cause was still welcome and I cherished my fortitude of being part of a noble effort and the satisfaction I had from the many thankful smiles and namaste’s received.This contribution seemed small and I was rewarded many times over by the help I got from all the sherpas and porters in our group as we set out on a magnificent trek and climbing expedition for the weeks to follow. A. C. Sherpa provided an inside journey of his homeland and took us to places like Namche Bazar, the Tenggpoche monastery, Kallar Pattar near the Everest basecamp and many other wonderful sites culminating in a 3 day climb up Island Peak at over 20,000 feet.This was without doubt a great adventure and spiritual pilgramage for me and unforgetable memories to behold.Otto Sperka Manager – The Harbor Club SeTo Ac from Mike
I have traveled a lot around the world climbing Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Ararat and the Cordillera Huayhuash in the Andes and I will say that AC was the best guide and organizer I have ever had. AC’s main strength is his ability to make new arrangements based on unexpected problem and conditions. All this is done with humor and good cheer. I will say that AC’s experience, contacts and knowledge of the Everest area is second to none. AC’s support staff from cooks to yak drivers to Kathmandu drivers and guides were all professional and experienced.MikeI would like to thank all the
I would like to thank all the ISG team. You work hard, and try to do your best(for Eduardo Rick and me). Pemba always was trying to please us with the best food possible; Nima, Gymso, Jamching andChhiring work really hard to prepare the camps and guiding us. But most of all, every one helps us in any possible waywith a smile in their face to achieve our goal. Without you all I will never had reach the summit. I’m really great full.You’re a friendly, strong and a positive team. I hope in the future I will use your service again. Juan GlennJuan GlennI climbed Mt. Everest with Him
I climbed Mt. Everest with ISG based in Seattle Washington USA/Nepal in May 23rd 2011and complete my Seven Summits. I had great time climbing with AC Sherpa and his professional staffs through his company.The service was great, I had all the supports I needed and well orgnized . All the staff was very proffesional and alwaysready and willing to help.The kwnolodge of AC about the goverment paperwork and the netowrking he has in Nepal makes a bigdifference. I really recomend this company.” Eduardo MartínezTo ISG (AC Sherpa)
Thank you for an unforgettable trip to Nepal and Tibet last year. Both countries are so different from the United States and Europe it was a life goal fulfilled to be there. Seeing how different the social and political climates are there I am glad that I had you to organize trip and to personally oversee the details in Nepal.Volunteering through Himalayan Women & Children’s foundation to help with the dental clinic in the village was another experience that turned out to be more powerful than I expected. It was lot of work for a couple of days, but I really saw how we were helping people and the positive impact we had on their lives. It was wonderful to see the village and for your family to host us.Best wishes for your future success,Jim Baskin Kirkland, Washington, USAGiving Back Through Himalayan
I have been involved with the Himalayan Woman’s and Children’s Foundation for the past 2 years. It’s been a very uplifting experience for me as a dentist been able to give back to the less fortunate in our global society.A.C. Sherpa of the Himalayan Women’s and Children’s Foundation, has worked tirelessly in terms of setting up and organizing a dental clinic in a remote village for health care professional like myself who want to give back to society thru volunteerism and at the same time have fun enjoying the local culture and the spectacular scenery unlike anywhere in the world.Last fall of 2007, I have the chance not only to volunteer my time in the dental clinic helping out children, woman, and seniors with their immediate dental needs. But was also able to trek and climb on stunning scenic hiking trails and mountains. The best moment was seeing Mount Everest smiling upon us.The local food and hospitality and helpfulness from the Sherpa guides and cooks, of the ISG to the locals we encountered in our trip resulted in warm long lasting fond memories.The accommodations were surprisingly comfortable and modern for the remoteness of the locations where we stayed at. And yes hot showers and comfortable warm soft beds.For me this trip was a great combination of volunteering and also enjoying a well earned vacation without feeling guilty of not giving back to this world of ours.For health care professionals who want to get away from the hectic schedules and the daily grind the Himalayan Women’s and Children’s Foundation and the ISG are organization that can provide you with a safe, comfortable and definitely a memorable trip.Dr. Kwok ,Issaquah WashingtonIt was a great trip…
Dear ISG.It was a great trip. Your staff Kazi and Tendi were very good they always on top of everything! They always found us places to stay and we were never forced to do too long of day. Besides the scenery, my favorite part was your parent’s house. It would be awesome if you could arrange for people to stay in households more/ higher up.Larson Silbaugh Student: University of WAC and his team made it happen
There were so many things that came up during the trip and through his connections . He keep it turning smoothly. At 18,000 feet you want an experienced team and ISG has what it takes. We had 6 folks in our group and we had great time. From our leaving seattle to meeting connections in some pretty tiny airports AC kept us at the front of the lineThank you-AC is a master at getting thin
AC is a master at getting things done. From the start at Korea to the ending in Kathmandu.Without AC the trek could have been difficult. There is no way there can be a schedule so with AC he can adjust very easy. He knows everyone and makes things happen. I things next time I would not go with the tents.Excellent trip-Our trip with AC was all that
Our trip with AC was all that I had hoped for. Despite some altitude sickness AC’s skill in making all arrangements as needed resulted in a trip that was 95% successful for me. We were continually impressed with AC’s ability to meet our trip needs, answer all questions about Nepal culture and adjust logistics as needed on the fly. His largesse as our host was a highlight and greatly enhanced our days in Kathmandu. His support team was also very pleasant and net all our needs- Contact InformationUSA Office:
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