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An industry-recognized AWS certification validates a candidate’s knowledge of AWS database services. It also stimulates the use of database technology to drive organizational transformation. Candidates who work in a database-centric position are eligible for the AWS Database Specialty certificate. This exam tests an examinee’s knowledge of databases. It includes design, deployment, migrations, access, monitoring, maintenance, security and troubleshooting.
About AWS Certified Database Specialty Examination
Candidates who work in database-centric roles are eligible to obtain the AWS Database Specialty Certification. This exam tests an examinee’s knowledge of databases. It includes design, deployment, migrations, access, monitoring, maintenance and security. It will evaluate the candidate’s ability and willingness to recommend, design and maintain the best AWS solution for improving performance, lowering cost, and enabling innovation.
Knowledge and experience are required
Amazon recommends the following knowledge and experience to pass the AWS database specialty exam
You must have at least five years of experience with common database technology.
You must have at least two years of experience with AWS.
Working knowledge and experience in relational and NoSQL databases, both on-premises or AWS Cloud-based.
We’ve covered the basics of the AWS database special exam. Let’s now look at the details.
Exam Format
The AWS Certified Database Specialisty exam has 65 questions. You must answer them in 180 minutes. It is important to plan your time accordingly. Because there are 65 questions, it is recommended you spend no more that 30 seconds per question. You will have 30 minutes to revise your answers and recheck them if you pass your exam in 150 minutes.
The exam also includes a variety question types, including case studies, multiple-choice, mark revision, and short answers. You can start with case study questions because there are many types of questions. They are therefore the most time-consuming. After that, you have the option of choosing between multiple-choice or short answers. To pass the exam, you must score at least 750 points. The exam will cost $300 USD. The exam is available in English, Japanese and Korean.
AWS Certified Database Specialty Course Outline
AWS has divided the syllabus into sections. This course outline is a guideline for AWS Certified Database – Specialty. It includes the exam’s objectives as well as sub-topics. Here is a detailed outline of the course:
Domain 1: Workload-specific database design
1.1 Choose the appropriate database services to handle specific data types and workloads
1.2 Develop strategies for disaster recovery and high availability
AWS Documentation:Resilience and Disaster Recovery in Amazon DynamoDB
1.3 Database design solutions for performance, compliance and scalability
AWS Documentation:Security, Identity, and Compliance
1.4 Compare the costs of database solutions
Domain 2: Migration and deployment
2.1 Automate database solution deployments
2.2 Plan data preparation and migration strategies
AWS Documentation: Best practices for migrating from Oracle to Amazon RDS
2.3 Validate and execute data migration
Domain 3: Management & Operations
3.1 Identify maintenance tasks and processes
AWS Documentation:Operating System Maintenance
3.2 Create backup and restore plans
3.3 Manage the operational environment for a database solution
Moreover, AWS Documentation:Overview
Domain 4: Monitoring, Troubleshooting
AWS Documentation:Appendix A: Troubleshooting
4.1 Establish monitoring and alerting strategies
4.2 Troubleshoot common database problems and fix them
AWS Documentation:Troubleshooting for Amazon RDS
4.3 Optimize database performance
AWS Documentation:Performance Tuning
Domain 5: Database Security
5.1 Encrypt data in transit and at rest
AWS Documentation:Encrypt Data at Rest and in Transit
5.2 Evaluate auditing solutions
AWS Documentation:Solution Components
5.3 Determine access control mechanisms and authentication mechanisms
AWS Documentation:Controlling and managing access to a REST API in API Gateway
5.4 Recognize security flaws in database solutions
AWS Documentation: Security and Identity. Compliance
The exam is not at the associate certification level so it should be more difficult. The professional level exam has too many distractions and too long questions. Many AWS training instructors claim that the exam is mid-level and much easier than the machine learning certification exam.
If you are prepared, you will have a better chance of succeeding. This will require the use of learning materials. It is crucial to select genuine resources. We have compiled a list with resources that you can use to prepare for and pass the exam. Let’s take a look at some of these resources.
AWS Certified Database Specialty Preparation guide
We are here to help you pass the exam. We will also provide a detailed description of the exam to help you prepare.
AWS Certified Database – Specialty Training
AWS training programs are also available to candidates. AWS offers training programs for each exam. Each exam has its own training program. It includes all information about the exam, such as the description, intended audience and delivery method, length, etc. A training program is required to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for AWS Certified Database Specialty.
Online Tutorials
Online tutorials s