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Are you studying for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam? Are you looking for the ultimate AWS DevOps Engineer study manual and hands-on learning resources? So, let us start. The AWS DevOps Engineer-Professional exam is surely a hard nut to crack. With the right exam preparation resources, however, it is possible to pass. Let’s start by understanding the basics of the exam. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam targets individuals who have two or more years experience in managing, provisioning, and operating AWS environments. The AWS DevOps Engineer exam is a way to advance in a candidate’s professional career. It also sets a benchmark. It will allow them to explore new opportunities, and provide them with better jobs.
AWS DevOps Exam Validates Abilities
First, implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies using AWS.
Secondly, automating security controls, governance and compliance validation.
AWS also allows you to define and deploy monitoring, metrics and logging systems.
AWS allows you to implement systems that are highly available, scalable, self-healing, and self-healing.
Furthermore, tools can be designed, managed, and maintained to automate operational processes.
Exam Format for AWS Certified DevOps Engineering Professional (DOP–C01)
Let’s now move on to the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professionalexam. It lasts 180 minutes. The examination has 80 questions, but the number keeps changing. The candidate may be asked Multiple Choice or Multi-Response questions. There are no prerequisites. The language of the exam is not required. The exam is only available for 4 languages. These languages include English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified), as well as Korean.
Exam NameAWS DevOps Engineer Professional CertificationCodeDOP-C01Exam Duration170 MinutesFormatMultiple Choice and Multi-Response QuestionsPrerequisitesNILNumber of Questions80 QuestionsPassing Score75%Exam Fee$300Exam LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified ChineseValidity3 yearsNeeded Knowledge and Experience
Candidates who want to take the exam must meet the AWS Certified Devops Engineer Professional certification requirements
First, you must have experience in developing code in at minimum one high-level programming language.
Additionally, you have the ability to build highly automated infrastructures.
Experience in operating systems administration is an added advantage.
Understanding modern development and operation methods and methodologies is also important.
AWS DevOps Engineer Exam Outline
The AWS Certified Devops Engineer Professional course outline covers these topics:
Domain 1: SDLC Automation
First, apply concepts to automate a pipeline of CI/CD.
How to determine source control strategies and how they can be achieved
Next, apply concepts to automate or integrate testing
Applying concepts to securely create and manage artifacts
Additionally, you will need to determine deployment/delivery strategies (e.g. A/B, Blue/green Canary, Red/black, Canary) and how to implement them with AWS Services
Domain 2: Configuration Management & Infrastructure as Code
Determining the deployment services based upon deployment needs
Next, determine the application and infrastructure deployment models that are most appropriate for your business needs
Security concepts can also be used to automate resource provisioning
A lifecycle hooks is also important for a deployment.
AWS configuration management tools, and services are also available.
Domain 3: Monitoring & Logging
How to set up the storage, aggregation and analysis of logs.
Furthermore, you can automate monitoring and event management by using concepts
You will also need to apply concepts to audit, log, and monitor operating systems, infrastructures and applications
How to implement tagging and other meta-data strategies
Domain 4: Policies & Standards Automation
Implementing standards for security, monitoring, logging, testing, and monitoring.
How to optimize cost through automation
Implementing governance strategies requires the application of concepts
Domain 5: Incident Response and Event Response
Troubleshoot issues and determine how you can restore operations
How to automate alerting and event management
Automated healing can also be implemented by applying the concepts.
Finally, you will need to apply concepts necessary for setting up event-driven automated activities
Domain 6: High availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery
Firstly, deciding whether multi-AZ architectures are appropriate for your region.
It is also important to determine how to implement high availability, scaleability, and fault tolerance.
Additionally, the services should be chosen based on your business needs (e.g. RTO/RPO, cost).
Learn how to automate disaster recovery strategies
Final, evaluate a deployment for failure points
How difficult is the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Examination?
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam can be one of the most difficult AWS certifications to obtain in order to advance one’s career. The exam contains many scenario-based questions that require long descriptions, making it difficult to understand the question. The candidate must demonstrate their technical proficiency in managing, provisioning, and operating distributed applications on AWS. Preparation is key to passing an exam.
The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam validates a candidate’s technical knowledge. Candidates must be able to understand the technologies and how they interact with one another. Some questions can be very difficult so make sure to understand the differences and find the best solution in real life.