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Although it may seem easy to pass an examination, the AWS Developer Associate exam is not difficult. All you need is the right study guide and material. There are many resources on the market. You might be confused by the many types of study material available. You have reached the right place. We have all the necessary material, including study materials, to help you pass the exam. Let’s get started.
About AWS developer Associate Examination
The AWS Certified Developer-Associate Examination is for developers. The certification exam validates a candidate’s ability and knowledge to use AWS services and best practices. It also validates their skills in developing, deploying, and troubleshooting cloud-based applications using AWS. The AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification exam validates the candidate’s technical skills in managing AWS-based systems.
The following is the recommended knowledge for the exam:
It’s not easy, right? The AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification exam requires you to have the following knowledge:
First, more than 1 year of hands on experience in developing and maintaining AWS-based applications
Second, In-depth knowledge at least one high-level programming languages
Third, understanding the core AWS services, their uses, and best practices in AWS architecture
The next step is Proficiency in developing, debugging, and deploying cloud-based applications using AWS
You can also use the AWS service APIs and AWS CLI to create applications.
Add on: The Ability to identify key features in AWS services
Understanding the AWS shared responsibility model, and application lifecycle management
Ability to use a pipeline to create and deploy AWS applications, as well as to interact with AWS services.
Ability to use a basic understanding of cloud native applications to write code. Also, ability to write code using AWS security best practice (e.g., not using secret or access keys in the code instead of using IAM role).
AWS developer Associate Exam Details
The AWS Developer Associate exam consists of short answers, multiple-choice and mark review. You can start with the case study questions as there are many types of questions. They are the most time-consuming. The next step is to choose between short answers and multiple-choice. You will be given 130 minutes to complete the exam. Be efficient with your time. You can choose the language you prefer, as the examination is available in English and Korean. The examination results are reported as a score between 100 and 1000, with a minimum passing score being 720.
AWS developer Associate Exam Outline
These topics are covered in the AWS Developer Associate exam:
Domain 1: Deployment (22%).
1.1 Use existing CI/CD processes, patterns, and pipelines to deploy written code in AWS.
1.2 Use Elastic Beanstalk to deploy applications
1.3 Prepare the application deployment packages to be deployed to AWS.
1.4 Install serverless applications
Domain 2: Security (26%)
2.1 Make authenticated calls for AWS services
2.2 Implement encryption using AWS services.
2.3 Apply application authentication and authorization
Domain 3: Development using AWS Services (30%)
3.1 Write code to support serverless applications
3.2 Translate functional requirements into an application design.
3.3 Implement application design into application code.
3.4 Use APIs, SDKs and AWS CLI to create code that interacts directly with AWS services.
Domain 4: Refactoring (10%)
4.1 Optimize your application to make the most of AWS services and features
4.2 Migrate existing code to run on AWS
Domain 5: Monitoring and Troubleshooting (12%)
5.1 Write code that can easily be monitored.
5.2 Perform root cause analysis of production or testing faults.
How difficult is the AWS developer Associate Exam
It is not easy to be a developer associate. However, it is possible. The only thing you need to pass the AWS developer Associate exam is the right resources and a guide. This exam is possible with the right study material and your efforts. Some people believe this exam is difficult. This is because people are afraid to work hard and make efforts. We have all the details sorted for you. Let’s get to work.
1. AWS Learning Path
AWS learning path is designed for candidates who want to improve and validate their understanding of AWS Cloud. This path is also useful for individuals working in financial, technical, managerial, purchasing, or sales roles that work with AWS Cloud.
2. AWS Whitepapers & Learning Resources
Then, you will need to read the AWS whitepapers. These whitepapers will help you to expand your knowledge about the cloud and AWS technical content. You’ll also find technical whitepapers and technical guides, as well as reference material and diagrams. The following-
Overview of Amazon Services
AWS Best Practices: Architecting for Cloud:
How AWS Pricing Works
Compare AWS Support Plans
Refer to the official AWS Whitepapers
3. Join a community
It is important to keep in touch with others who share similar goals as you. This will help you not only clarify your doubts, but also provide additional knowledge about the AWS Developer Associate exam. It is a good idea to join study groups that allow you to discuss the concepts with others who share the same goal. This will help the candidate in their preparation.
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