How to prepare for the New PMP Certification Test

What is the PMP certification exam?
PMP (Project Management Professional) is a certification that PMI, Project Management Institute, has established.
The Management Institute is a US institution for project management professionals. It is a symbol of talents with high-level project management skills, practical skills, and comprehensive abilities.

What can the PMP certification be used for?
It is recognized in 206 countries and regions around the world. 75% of large-scale, foreign-invested, state owned, and large-scale private enterprises prioritize project managers with PMP certificates.

The PMP certification can be a great way to improve your project management skills, climb the ladder, and increase your salary.

There are 250,000 Chinese who hold the certifications. 70% of them come from the IT software, telecommunications and network industries. The PMP certificate is highly recognized in the country. Many recruiters will first consider hiring those with the certificate.

Who is able to take the PMP exam and who is not?
The certificate is required to be able to manage projects. It is an international certificate. It is a stepping stone to project management.

These people are eligible to take the exam.
Without systematic learning experience, project managers are not able to learn. These people may have experience in project management, but they don’t learn the skills systematically.

People who wish to move from technical to managerial positions. They don’t have any management experience and are not able to manage a project.

Highly skilled project managers who fail in their job of managing a project that is extremely valuable.

People who wish to improve their work efficiency.

What are the conditions to sign up for the exam?

Your educational background and experience in project management are required. (The definition of project management is very broad here, including activities in colleges and internships, research and development, and so forth)

PMP certification training must be completed for at least 35 hours. This means that you cannot take the exam by yourself.

When is the exam?
The PMI PMP certification exam takes place four times a calendar year: March, June, September and December.

What is the content of the exam and what is the testing form?
The majority of the learning content comes from the PMP guidance, PMBOK. It is recommended that you read the book before taking the training courses. This will allow you to better understand the content and build your knowledge. After you have read each chapter, ask the correspondent questions.

The new test has 180 questions and lasts for 230 minutes. Questions on the PMP exam are both single-choice and multi-choice.

The knowledge of PMP can be applied in almost any field, including architecture, information technology and communication.

What are the benefits of PMP?
According to the 11th survey of PMI the average salary for PMP certification holders was 23% more than that of those without. The salary of 64% certificate holders was promoted in 2018. According to PMI data, 90% of project managers are promoted after acquiring the certificate.

Learn PMP to learn about a complete system for project management that will help you solve problems at different stages.

What is PDU?
PDU (Professional Development Units), is a measurement and indicator of organizational learning, sharing, working or discussion. It was developed by PMI to quantify the learning gained after obtaining the PMP certificate. The certificate will be valid for as long as 60 PDUs are earned every three years. The training institution usually grants PDUs.