Literary Classics Book Reviews

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The rare nature attracts many people to our site thus we cannot ignore the importance of this section. We have tried our best to locate original versions of the literary classics through intensive search and consultation with publishers. Some of which have gone out of publication can be ordered directly from the publishers. The prices of these precious items are relatively high due to the logistics of getting them. So to understand the society and the evolution of literature it is advisable you read these literary classics. They will definitely give you a picture of how the earlier literature scholars illustrated their skills to put across crucial points.Displaying 1-8 of 8 result(s).Twelfth Night And Homoerotic Undercurrents In ShakespearePosted by Byron Edgington. Published on Oct 21, 2009 Twelfth Night, or As You Will, is one of Shakespeare’s so-called transvestite plays. Homoerotic scripting in Shakespearean drama. A man playing a woman playing a man. The lady expressing her love for a young man who is actually a woman. Independence, Motherhood And Feminism In Kate Chopin’s "the Awakening"Posted by Jonathan Musere. Published on Aug 18, 2009 Negatively criticized for decades after it’s publication in 1899, "The Awakening" eventually became recognized and has endured as Kate Chopin’s most famous work. The story illustrates many issues in feminism, masculinity and family as presented in a French Louisiana setting of the time. Kate Chopin did not regard herself as a suffragist, but her work has grown to be acclaimed as a trailblazer in feminist issues. The Picture Of Hell In Marlowe’s Dr FaustusPosted by Pushpita Ghosh. Published on Jun 22, 2009 What is Hell? What is the address of Hell? Who stays there? Can anybody be able to provide any suitable answers to all these questions. But they will give a big NO to the above asked questions. Really we do not know what Hell is; its exact location and its whereabouts. The Perfect Time To Celebrate Shakespeare Love Poems And Other SonnetsPosted by Chad R DeBolt. Published on Jun 07, 2009 For those who care for the love poems of past, this year and the month of May can be considered as one of the best ways to relish these love poems. And to be more exact, this is the time to show appreciation once again to the great sonnet works of Shakespeare, Shakespeare being one of the big names when it comes to love poems and sonnets about love. But why is May a perfect time to celebrate love and cherish the love poems of Shakespeare? Thirukural – Tamil’s Classical LiteraturePosted by Mohideen Basha. Published on May 31, 2009 This book consisting of 133 sections of 10 couplets each which was recognized as a masterpiece of literature in Tamil, has stood the test of history and is accepted by posterity as a seminal work which has influenced the thoughts of man throughout the centuries. It is a work of not only great aesthetic and stylistic literary value, but also a guide to the art of living with nuggets of invaluable wisdom. An Insight Of Humor In Waiting For GodotPosted by Kashif Ali. Published on Feb 19, 2009 Waiting for Godot is indeed a traditional farce and burlesque. Burlesque by definition is "A literary or dramatic work that ridicules a subject either by presenting a solemn subject in an undignified style or an inconsequential subject in a dignified style" and it is marvelously depicted in waiting for Godot. Farce is such dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters and often slapstick elements are utilized to create humor and mocking themes. Throughout waiting for Godot we witness these structural associations which reflect "theater of absurd". The Secret Of Charles DickensPosted by Bob Forster. Published on Dec 27, 2008 Charles Dickens is one of the best known authors of the 19th Century and probably one of the best all time story tellers. His imagination has given birth to classics such as A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and many more. An African Safari – Ernest Hemingway’s ExperiencesPosted by Abhishek Agarwal 1289. Published on Nov 12, 2008 Though not very popular, Ernest Hemingway wrote many books on his experiences while in Africa. Read more. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.