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To please your palate while taking care of your health, go for low calorie snacks. Low calorie dishes are fairly easy to prepare. You can make a homemade soup or steam frozen or fresh vegetables. You can bake apples, too! Or, you could prepare a fruity smoothie or make your own version of a blended iced coffee. Where low calorie food is concerned, the sky – and your purse – is the limit!Displaying 1-10 of 26 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous123Next >Last >>Kellogg Special K DietPosted by Geoffrey Arthur. Published on Nov 21, 2009 Is the Kellogg Special K Diet plan an effective weight loss program or just another fad diet? Is this the best weight loss program for you? The answer may surprise you. Learn How To Effectively Lose Weight Without Trying Very HardPosted by Bryan Burbank. Published on Nov 02, 2009 Losing weight is a challenge for all of us and it is something that is always on our mind. Do we need to lose weight? How much weight do we need to lose? What is the best way to lose the weight? One thing to keep in mind whatever we decide you want to choose a diet plan that you can stick to and is healthy at the same time. Many fad diets may work over the short haul but in the end you will only gain the weight back and at the same time may put your health at risk. In this article I would like t My Best Way – Lose Body Fat, Not Muscle, By Making Small Diet ChangesPosted by Stephanie Rose. Published on Oct 06, 2009 My best way – lose body fat method works for people of all ages and sizes. Here’s the truth-you have to change your diet to lose body fat, despite the outlandish promises scam artists make about just needing to use their "special" exercises. But I will teach you how to lose body fat as painlessly and as quickly as possible. Cottage Cheese If You PleasePosted by Julie Bream. Published on Oct 03, 2009 I grew up watching my dad snack on one wacky combination: cottage cheese and apple butter. He would mix the two together until it looked absolutely revolting and then eat every last bit. Eventually I became brave enough to take the bite he was always offering me. Shocker: it was good. Really good. Getting To Know Acai Berry DrinkPosted by Stacey Berg. Published on Sep 28, 2009 It is famous for its detox and it reacts with the poisons to lose them from the body. Detoxifiers are excellent for the body because it gets rid of dangerous wastes from our body like free radicals. Acai Berry assists in our body cell renewal. Quick Recipes For DietingPosted by Stuart Miles. Published on Sep 20, 2009 The best diet recipes are those that are quick and painless. And painless recipes are very good indeed. Healthy Restaurant ChoicesPosted by Brandi LeBlanc. Published on Sep 03, 2009 The words healthy and restaurant don’t usually go together. With a little foresight and this knowledge, you will be able to make better choices when eating out. Sassy Water Diet – Fat Belly Prevention DietPosted by Loot. Published on Aug 23, 2009 Fit into those slim jeans by getting on the sassy water diet and eliminate the fat belly. The Truth About Fat Loss 4 IdiotsPosted by septwolves. Published on Aug 15, 2009 If you want to lose 9 pounds of fat in as little as 11 days, then the Fat loss 4 idiots diet program may be the one for you. As this program has already gathered raves from satisfied clients and much attention from the public, the question now is, what makes it so different from other fat loss programs and products in the market today? Read on and find out more about it in this review. What The Experts Don’t Tell You About The Atkins Diet!Posted by Tomas. Published on Aug 13, 2009 No one would participate in any dieting plan without seeing the potential pros and cons of it. The Atkins diet is no exception to this and one should carefully research the Atkins diet pros and cons before proceeding with it. 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