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This cheat sheet will help you evaluate your knowledge and skills for Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900). This means that the sheet is organized in a systematic way, starting with the basics and ending with the most important study resources to help you cover all exam areas.
The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam (PL-900), however, tests your ability to increase productivity through knowledge of the Power Platform’s features as well as automating basic business operations using Power Automate. You should therefore be able to perform basic data analysis using Power BI to provide business insight, and build simple PowerApps canvas apps experiences and complex chatbots with no coding.
You will also experience major skill enhancements during your PL-900 exam preparation.
Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL900): Skills Enhancement
Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL900) exam will allow you to improve your skills and advance in this field. This includes:
Firstly, you will be able describe the Power Platform components such as Power Apps and Power BI.
Secondly, you will be able to describe the Power Platform component, which includes Connectors, Common Data Service, and AI Builder.
Third, familiarizing yourself with cross-cloud scenarios across M365 and Dynamics 365 as well as Microsoft Azure and third party services.
Then you will be able to identify the benefits and capabilities of Power Platform, including the basic functionality as well as business value Power Platform components.
Learn how to implement simple solutions using Microsoft Automate, Power BI and Power Apps.
Microsoft offers an exam learning path that will help you understand the concepts in a step by step format. This is the PL-900 Exam. You will learn about the Power Platform’s business value and product capabilities. These learning paths allow you to improve your skills through the use of modules such as:
First, the Basics of Power Platform
Secondly, Introduction to Common Data Service (and Power Apps)
Third, the process for building an app solution.
Fourthly, Introduction To Power Automate And Power BI
Finally, building a simple dashboard
Quick Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals – PL-900
Once you have all the information you need, prepare for the exam with preparatory materials. These types of exams can be difficult enough without the right materials. Selection of your materials will impact how well you pass an exam. It is not enough to know the theory. The test measures a candidate’s ability and willingness to do the job. These things must be understood in a real-world setting. Here are some useful resources:
1. Learn the objectives of the exam
This cheat will give you a quick overview of the things you already know. The exam objectives for PL-900 are the most important thing to begin with. Reviewing the exam objectives will ensure that there is no confusion in your mind and that you can concentrate on revisions. The exam objectives can also help you to strengthen the subtopics and modules. Below are the key topics for the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam (PL-900). This includes:
The Microsoft PL-900 Exam Course Outline has been updated on March 10, 2021.
Topic 1: Discuss the business value of Power Platform (15-20%)
1.1 Define the business value of Power Platform Services
analyze data by using Power BI (Microsoft Documentation:Analyze data with Power BI)
Act with Power Apps (Microsoft Documentation :Power Apps).
Microsoft Dataverse is used to build solutions
Pow can be used to create flows