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The proliferation of IoT devices has allowed us to access more technology outside the office. Because of the low cost of smartphones and tablets, we have more employees who are able to access sensitive data. Cloud services are being increasingly used by businesses. Employees can get software without the approval from a central IT department. The Microsoft Certified: Identity Fundamentals SC-900 certifications prove that candidates are familiar with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. They are also familiar with how Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions can be used in order to deliver an end-to-end solution.
This cheat is designed to match the level of the exam. It includes all the details and methods necessary for passing it. Let’s start by learning about the exam.
About Microsoft SC-900: Microsoft Security Compliance, Identity Fundamentals, and Security Exam
Microsoft’s Active Directory is an industry standard for enterprise identification. Any company can have best-in class identity management and directory services while also quickly implementing Zero-Trust models with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory cloud variant. The Microsoft SC-900 Exam covers the following topics: Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Exam.
Concepts of Zero Trust Model, Security, Compliance
Azure Active Directory
Azure Defender and Microsoft365
Compliance Center for M365
There are many Azure Security and Networking Services available
Microsoft SC-900 Exam Knowledge Requirements
To take the Microsoft SC-900 Exam, individuals must be familiarized with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.
They must also be able to understand how Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions can be applied across all solution areas to provide end to end solutions.
Targeted Audience
These people could be present at the Microsoft SC-900 Exam:
Business stakeholders are the most important.
Second, IT professionals, no matter their experience or new, should be aware of the following:
Students with an interest in Microsoft security and compliance are encouraged to apply.
Let’s get to the point without further delay!
Microsoft SC-900 Quick Cheat Sheet
It is important to prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 exam with good resources and a step-by-step approach. This guide will provide you with all the necessary study materials that you need to review everything and identify any missing sections. So, let’s get started.
Exam Objectives: Get familiar with them
The SC-900 exam objectives will give you detailed information about the topics and concepts. Understanding the topics of the exam will help you better align your efforts with the main objectives. These are the objectives for this exam:
Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity
Describe security methods
Description of the Zero-Trust method (Microsoft Documentation : zero-trust methodology).
Describe the shared responsibility model (Microsoft Documentation, shared responsibility model, Shared accountability in the cloud).
Define defense in depth (Microsoft documentation: What is defense-in-depth?
Describe security concepts
describing common threats (Microsoft Documentation:Understanding malware & other threats)
describe encryption (Microsoft Documentation:Encryption)
Describe Microsoft Security and Compliance Principles
describing Microsoft’s privacy principles (Microsoft Documentation:Microsoft’s privacy principles,Microsoft Privacy)
describe the offerings of the service trust portal (Microsoft Documentation:offerings of the Service Trust Portal)
Describe the capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Identity & Access Management Solutions
Define identity principles/concepts
define identity as the primary security perimeter (Microsoft Documentation:Identity as the primary security perimeter)