MO-200: Microsoft Excel (Excel 2019 and Excel 2019) Study Guide Blog

Exam MO-200 Microsoft Excel (Excel 2019 and Excel 2019) covers the ability create and edit multiple sheets in a workbook and use a graphic element for data representation. Microsoft Excel is a vital computer program in every workplace. Excel is a powerful tool for business because it can perform functions that range from data analysis to creating spreadsheets. Excel is a powerful tool for business. Employers are increasingly looking for people with diverse knowledge and skills. This makes Microsoft Excel certifications essential.
Preparing for Microsoft MO-200 requires a lot of time and effort. This article will provide you with a Study Guide that will help you on your way to success.
Key Objectives: MO 200
It also measures your competence in the following domains:
It first tests your knowledge of the fundamentals of creating and managing workbooks and worksheets.
It also tests your ability to create cells and ranges, create tables, apply formulas and functions, as well as create charts and objects.
It also allows you to create and modify workbooks using graphical elements. This allows you to visualise data.
Study Guide for Exam MO-220 Microsoft Excel (Excel 2019 and Excel 2019).
This Study Guide will help you start your journey towards passing the exam. To pass the exam on your first attempt, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Refer to the MO-200 Official guide
Referring to the Official Guide by Microsoft is the next step. The official Microsoft study guide can be found on the Microsoft website. It also contains information about registration and exam scheduling, making it a must-read guide for those who are preparing. This official guide will give you all the information you need about the exam course, and help you to focus on the most important aspects. Preparation is based on the Course domains and subtopics. It is important to be clear about these topics. It will help you gain confidence and plan your preparations. These domains are covered in the Microsoft MO-200 exam
Domain 1- Manage worksheets, workbooks (10-15%) – This domain covers concepts such as importing data into workbooks or navigating within them. Formatting worksheets and working with workbooks, and customizing views and options. Configuring content for collaboration
Domain 2- Manage data ranges (20-25%) – This domain involves manipulating and formatting data in worksheets. This domain also includes visual summarizing data and defining and referencing range names.
Domain 3 Manage tables and data (15-20%) – This domain focuses on creating, formatting, modifying, filtering, and sorting tables.
Domain 4 Perform operations using formulas and functions (20-25%). This domain also covers the topic of inserting references. Next, calculate and transform data. The next step is formatting and changing text
Domain 5- Manage charts (20-25%) – This domain aims to develop the skills for creating, altering, and formatting charts.
Step 2- Discover Learning Resources
There are many resources that can be used to help you prepare. You should choose carefully when choosing resources, as they will impact how well you pass the exam. Let’s take a look at a few resources.
Hardcovers and paperbacks
Books are one of the most valuable resources for preparation. Multiple books can be used to cover the same syllabus. They also have a lot of practice problems. You can refer to hardcovers or paperbacks in any way you like. But don’t compromise on the quality of the content. You can also refer to the Microsoft MO200 exam e-books on many informative websites.
We recommend that you refer to the book-MOS Study guide for Microsoft Excel Exam MO200 by Joan Lambert. This book is part the Microsoft S.