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Your profile will be enhanced with Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security MS-101 certifications. However, it is not an easy task to earn the MS-101 certification. It will be difficult for candidates to study for the certification exam by themselves. Some difficult information could make it difficult for you. Our professionals have created and curated an MS900 Cheat Sheet that includes all the resources needed to pass the test. Let’s get to the details.
Microsoft MS-101: Overview
Enterprise Administrators are responsible for analyzing, planning and migrating Microsoft 365 services. They should also take the MS-101 exam: Microsoft 365 Security and Mobility. These enterprise administrators are responsible for managing a company’s Microsoft 365 tenancy including its identities, security and compliance.
Who should take the exam
First, candidates should have a working knowledge in Microsoft 365 workloads. They should also have been administrators for at least one Microsoft 365 workload (Exchange or SharePoint, Skype for Business, Skype for Business, Windows as a Service).
Second, candidates must have a working knowledge in networking, server administration and IT fundamentals like DNS, Active Directory and PowerShell.
Microsoft MS-101 Exam
It would be impossible to cover all aspects of revising for certification tests in one article. There are a few key truths and learning materials that every applicant must know about certification test preparation. This Cheat Sheet will help you pass the exam and get the job done.
1. Begin with the Exam Objectives
Before you start your revisions, it is important to understand the main goals of the exam. Understanding the exam objectives is crucial for understanding the exam. Visit the official Microsoft MS-101 exam website to get a better understanding. An extensive analysis will help you better understand the main objectives of the exam. This will allow you to achieve the necessary command to earn your desired certification. This exam covers the following domains:
The course outline for Microsoft MS-101 exam has been updated on February 24, 2021.
Implement Modern Device Services
1.1 Plan device management
Plan device monitoring (Microsoft Docation: Operations and Monitoring)
planning Microsoft Endpoint Manager implementation (Microsoft Documentation: Deploy endpoint management, Determine your endpoint management)
plan for configuration profiles (Microsoft Documentation: Create a device profile)
1.2 Manage device compliance
Plan for device compliance (Microsoft documentation:Use compliance policy to set rules).
plan for attack surface reduction (Microsoft Documentation:Configure attack surface reduction,Attack surface reduction)
Configure security baselines (Microsoft documentation: Use security baselines, Windows MDM security baseline).
Configure device compliance policy (Microsoft documentation:Use compliance polices to set rules,Create compliance policies,Create password compliance policies)
Apps 1.3 Plan
create and configure Microsoft Store for Business (Microsoft Documentation:Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store,Sign up for Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education)
Plan app deployment (Microsoft Docation:Deploy apps on devices)
plan for mobile application management (MAM) (Microsoft Documentation:Microsoft Intune app management,MAM Basics)
1.4 Plan Windows 10 deployment
Plan for Windows as a Service (Waas).
plan Windows 10 Enterprise deployment method
Additional security features for Windows 10 Enterprise can be evaluated and deployed
1.5 Enroll devices
Plan for device join to Azure Active Directory. (Azure AD).
plan for