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The MS-300: Deploying Microsoft 365 teamwork exam was retired on August 31, 2020
Do you want to pass the Microsoft Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork MS300 exam? Are you looking for learning resources that will help you improve your preparations? We have the perfect Study Guide to help you. This guide will help you find the right resources and steps to pass this exam. This exam can open up many doors of opportunity for you if it is part of your academic record.
Microsoft 365 Teamwork (MS300) Examis for Teamwork Administrators who can configure, deploy, manage, and monitor Office 365 workloads. This exam focuses on adoption and efficient collaboration. These Teamwork Administrators must be able to manage apps, services, or supporting infrastructure to meet business needs. They must also be able deploy, manage, migrate and secure SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Before you begin to prepare, it is important to understand the exa.
About the Microsoft MS300 exam
The Teamwork Administrator is involved in governance decisions and works with other Administrators to implement many of the decisions made through governance bodies. The Teamwork Administrator also collaborates with:
First, the Messaging Administrator to configure security and options for email tasks
Voice Administrator is a second tool that integrates voice capabilities within organizations.
Third, the Security Administrator to ensure end-to-end security
Knowledge required to pass the MS-300 Exam
Candidates who are applying for this exam must have a basic understanding of integration points in various services and applications such as Office, Power Apps and Flow.
They should also be familiar with SQL Server management concepts, Azure Active Directory and PowerShell, as well as networking concepts, Domain Name System (DNS), Active Directory mobile devices management, and other operating systems.
Candidates should also have a basic knowledge of Active Directory and Azure AD.
They should also be familiar with mobile device management and other operating systems (Android, macOS).
Microsoft Learning Path
Microsoft offers exam learning paths that will help candidates understand and master the concepts. The exam learning path includes sections that allow you to understand the concepts in detail. Microsoft offers candidates access to the learning path, which helps them understand the concepts in a step-by-step format. The learning paths modules that allow candidates to improve their skills and knowledge are:
Firtsly, Planning SharePoint in Microsoft 365
Second, Collaboration with files and folders within SharePoint
Third, Understanding SharePoint site options
Also, Managing SharePoint Sites
Source: MicrosoftPreparation Guide for Microsoft MS-300 Exam
This study guide will help you get this exam into your academic record. To unlock your certification, consistency and determination are key ingredients. This study guide will provide you with all the necessary resources to pass the exam. Lets dive deeper
Step 1: Master the Exam Topics
Your first step in your preparation guide should be to visit theOfficial Guide Microsoft MS-300 Exam. It is important to review all exam topics and gain as much clarity as possible. This will ensure that you are on the right track. The official website is the most trusted. You should dedicate enough time to each topic. This exam covers:
Topic 1: Configure SharePoint Online and Manage It
This domain covers the creation and configuration of site collections and hub sites. It also covers the configuration and planning of customizations.