New Features – Add Tasks Faster, and Use New Heatmap Colors to Resource

We have been busy lately, releasing new features almost every week. We released a few new features last Friday that are easy to use. When you click “Enter” to enter a task name, a new row will be created. This allows you to enter another task name. This allows you to quickly list a number of tasks, while reducing the number clicks required. Once you have all the tasks listed, drag and drop them to schedule them.
2) Resourcing Heatmap Colors! You can see how busy your team members are at a glance. Click the “Show Availability tab” at the bottom of the chart. Now you will see that each cell is color-coded based on the number of tasks assigned to a resource or person on any given day. A lighter yellow indicates fewer tasks, while a deeper orange or red indicates that there are more tasks.
3) It is easier to change the start date for your project. Scroll to the beginning to change the start date.

A few other minor tweaks and performance improvements were also made recently. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on these features. These are great!
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