Passing the PMP(r), Certification Exam – Is it Good Enough? ProThoughts Solution

Absolutely Not – is the firm reply. A certificate does not mean that you are able to manage a project better than a non-PMP(r), certified project manager.
Project Management is essentially based on three pillars: Knowledge, Attitude, and Perseverance. You can still manage the project if you only have one of these pillars. Is it enough? Are you able to succeed in your projects. These are the questions you need to ask yourself. If you don’t get a positive answer, you should look for a registered education provider (training institution) that can give you the knowledge and skills to manage a project.
The certification is a testament to the fact that project management knowledge is crucial in managing projects effectively. Imagine that you have the certification, but you are unable to manage the projects effectively. You both lost credibility and value with the certification. The certification was granted by chance. You might have just memorized the concepts or rote learned them. Did it help? There are many arguments for it. You got a job or a raise in your payments. It was marginally helpful because the evaluator might have been equally clumsy. Do you think this memorized certificate helped you in the end? You know the answer immediately; it doesn’t help you.
Rote learning will help you get a tag, but it does not give you the credentials or the ability to manage the project. Remember the 3 Idiots movie? Excellence will follow you. Similar is the PMP(r), certification.
It is a great help to project managers if you are able to understand the concepts and apply them in real-life projects. Let me go further. It not only benefits you, but also your customer, your organization, and all your stakeholders. Learning the concepts in PMP(r), certification will immediately bring you self-confidence, which will then rub off on your customer and internal stakeholders.
ProThoughts believes in focusing on the concepts of PMP(r). This will make you a more successful project manager. We encourage you to apply the concepts in real-life projects. It is easy to apply the PMP(r), real-world project management principles in real-life projects with your own organizational culture, demanding boss, and your own boss.
We can help you succeed in your project management.