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This will make you appreciate technology more and be able solve some of the simple problems on your own. In this section we have include many training kits for all computer related technology. We have gotten most of the materials from the manufacturers themselves and members who are skilled in one way or the other. There also different sources of tools needed to advance your reading into practical use. As a self help aid personal tech is a must for everyone for it saved money and other resources which could have gone to drain. So visit our personal tech section and you will become an ace in technology.Displaying 1-10 of 18 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>How To Solve Common Computer Problems?Posted by Stephanie tayla. Published on Nov 25, 2009 There are several kind of common computer problems, you may experience while working at home or in office. There are many variety of it, can occur including in any operating system. Here I am explaining some computer problem issue. Attention Travellers! (and Book Nerds) Amazon Kindle Is Now Available In Canada!Posted by Jonathan Meier. Published on Nov 18, 2009 Working with O Hotel Suites, I’m finding that it’s not uncommon for travellers on extended stays to leave behind a number of books that they purchased during their visit, but don’t want to cram into their suitcases for the trip home. That can all change now. Finally, after more than two years of waiting and watching book lovers in the U.S. luxuriate in the technologically sleek and inexpensive e-book readers, the Kindle is coming to Canada. System Restore – How To Do Windows System Restore?Posted by Arial Green. Published on Oct 14, 2009 It is known to all about system restore. for some people, the opening of system restore may slow down the speed of computer, however, once your computer goes wrong, the system restore comes in handy. So, the following article can give you a hand in learning system restore. Essential Tips For Upgrading Your Graphics CardPosted by Dave Talbot. Published on Oct 04, 2009 If you need to save a little money you may want to upgrade your computer as opposed to buying a new one. There are however a few pitfalls that can be easily avoided. This article offers advice for graphic card upgrades. Equipment For Industrial UsePosted by Romain Romagnan. Published on Sep 16, 2009 When it comes to some sectors, manufacturers of high tech products need to be innovative enough to ensure that their products can be used by anybody and anywhere. So when it comes to the industrial sector, it is necessary for computers, industrial LCD displays, industrial touch screens or even workstations to tick many various boxes before being able to be used there in the everyday life. Web Site Creator With Article Silo Seo………………Posted by Anjani kumari. Published on Aug 26, 2009 The best software is the one that has been around for long time and is used by many people. Every month, new software is promoted to build a website and many people rush in to buy it. Find a web site creator that has been in existence for a while. New Software for building websites have a lot bugs in them and have many feature that don’t work good. It often takes months before many of the bugs are worked out. Don’t believe the programmer who says it has been through a beta phase test and that every thing is How To Make Your Pc FastPosted by James Henry Johnson. Published on Jul 29, 2009 With millions of computers running slow, it’s one of the biggest problems that computer users face throughout the world. Luckily, there’s actually a really easy way to make your PC fast without having to spend $100’s on hardware upgrades. Why And How To Delete Internet History?Posted by Jop De Vries. Published on Jul 25, 2009 You may wonder why you should delete internet history. It is of immense importance to clear internet history if you do not want others to trace or see what you have surfed on the internet. The hard drive of computer system tracks and stores whatever you surf on the internet. Web tracks refer to the tracking of information on your internet activity by the hard drive. How To Increase The Speed Of Your Laptop Or Pc – It’s A Little Known ProblemPosted by Clark Grade. Published on Jun 02, 2009 Did you know it is not normal for your computer to gradually get slower, and extra ram will only patch the problem, it wont fix it. Read this article to find out the real culprit… Want To Make Your Pc Run Much Faster? See How Easy It Is With These Simple TechniquesPosted by Anthony Chambers. Published on May 17, 2009 You can make your pc run much faster if you follow these simple techniques. 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