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PMBoK issues a new edition every 3-4 year. The purpose of the new edition is keep you informed about the latest happenings in project management. The world of today is changing rapidly and new best practices can be introduced to help your projects succeed. PMBoK has made new changes for the 5th edition to keep up with the latest happenings.
This is the 6th edition of our article/blog from August 2017.
The 6th edition includes the following new features:
Knowledge Area and Processes – Updates
The Time Management knowledge area has been changed to Schedule Management. Human resource management is now Resource Management.
There are also changes and additions to the processes for the 6th Edition. Participants used to ask about the implementation of risk responses after planning them. Here it is – New Executing Process, “Implement Risk Response” before they Monitor & Control Risks to evaluate the risks and their implementation. The Project Manager is not responsible for closing procurement. This is usually done by the Procurement manager. The Closing Process Group has only one process at the moment.

Agile Methodology – This is the new trend!
All knowledge areas and tools include Agile as the methodology. PMBOK6 also includes a new agile standard. It is available here:
PMBOK Guide Standards – Agile
Projects that create business value
ProThoughts has participated in many PMI courses, including PgMP, PfMP, and PMP. The knowledge is amazing in isolation. However, the new edition provides a more focused approach to the participant that focuses on how the project fits into the overall strategy of the organization. This is how projects are creating Business Value. Projects will be more interesting and attractive if there is more emphasis on creating value. Participants will also understand the work that goes into the projects.
Trends and Emerging Practices – New Section for Each Knowledge Area
PMBoK’s purpose is to help you apply best practices in real-world projects so that you can reap the benefits of your work. One of the most interesting aspects is the current trends and emerging practices in Project Management.
ProThoughts experts actually wrote a few technical papers on this subject that were selected by National PMI Conferences, who invited Mr. Ashish Sadekar (as a speaker).
Each knowledge area has a new section that discusses the Trends or Emerging Practices. It will be fun to present the knowledge area in a fascinating way.
Categorization of Project Plan Documents and Project Plans

We saw 3 items in PMBOK5 or earlier PMI standard: Plan updates, document updates, and OPA updates. This has been changed to a more structured way. Each artifact in PM Domain is categorized as Project Document or Project Plan. Instead of listing them individually, they are listed under Project Plan and Project Documents.
This artifact listing is made easier and more detailed by the PMBoK. This is the new edition. Click Here:PMI – PMBOK 6th Edition
Transition to PMBoK exam in 6th Edition
The exam on PMBoK 5th Edition can be taken by March 31st 2018. It is currently until 31 December 2017, but the official communication will make it to most of Q1 (i.e. Mar 2018).
What does it all mean?
Do I go to PMBOK 5th Edition Training or 6th Edition Training?
You can now get PMP certification if you have ever thought about it. You will find new changes, more material to learn, new thoughts, and newer exam changes. No harm in following the tried-and-true 5th edition pattern if you want to achieve PMP certification. Our detailed article “PMP Certification in 5th and 6th Editions of PMBOK ” is available.
PMBOK6 material: It can take time for it to evolve. New standards will also have new questions and therefore uncertainties.
Many PMP practitioners have passed on earlier editions. They keep up to date by reading and attending sessions of PMBoK 6th Edition.
“ProThoughts” will host a series of free webinars on 6th PMBoK and incremental new things of 6th edition for all participants, including our PMP certified PMP professionals of 5th edition.
These sessions will take place in Q1-2018 and Q2-2018
Your PMP certification is valid 3 years, regardless of any edition changes.
You have enough time, more than enough to complete the 5th edition. I recommend that you do the training now, rather than waiting for 6th edition. Then you can become PMP certified.
Get certified PMP NOW – before the 6th Edition! !
Target 2017 to become a PMP certified !
Any queries/clarifications pl feel to call on +91 8422907604 or email [email protected] and our experts can talk with you personally to help you with details.

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