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PMI has announced the new PMP(r), exam pilot option. This allows exam applicants to see the latest Essence of exam before it goes public in mid-2020.
About 50% of the program covers the Agile/Adaptive/Hybrid strategy, and 50% includes the Promising way.
The exam covers three areas:
People, Processes, and the Business Environment
Five domains are preferred to be formed with the Process groups, preferably earlier.
Project Management Institute (PMI), has opened its doors to the NEW exam changes. It becomes accessible to the general public from 1 July 2020.

This pilot option has many benefits.
Benefits: You get a discount on the examination fee and you can retake the examination for free if you fail the pilot.
Yes, there is only one free retake.
You also get a 20% discount on the exam fees
Exam fee discount (in USD).
PMI members get a $81 discount on a $405 exam fee

Non-PMI members get a $111 discount on a $555 exam fee

Your result will be processed in May 2020, and not earlier.

Recognizing that the pilot PMP(r), the new PMP(r), exam is scheduled from 9 March to 20 February 2020, the chances of a consolidated and extensive learning component that genuinely supports this exam being possible is uncertain, at least until January 2020.
Keep in mind: This pilot exam is only open to 600 applicants from all over the world and is conducted in English.
The PMI seems to receive an excellent example from all countries, even if this pilot option is included. This means that there will undoubtedly be a limit on the number they can acquire from each country.
This means that you can only show concern for the pilot and not worry about whether or not you are allowed to practice.
How do you sign up for the pilot exam for the new PMP(r).

You can choose to advance the exam fee while you prefer the pilot program.
Before we get going, let’s examine the factors that support us.
Following PMI’s announcement, this is what we think. Let us also state that I could be wrong here.
All pilot applicants are eligible to retake the examination at no cost.
PMP(r), applicants can choose to be a pilot after they have paid for their exams.
Pilot applicants will not be able to receive a pass/fail score immediately after the examination, but they will receive their results in May 2020.

In Essence,
Although the PMP(r), exam pilot option is a great challenge, I am sure you will still have questions. PMI has created anFAQ sheet to help answer some.
The PMP(r), pilot exam option, seems to be appropriate for those who have previously worked in Agile/Hybrid projects. From now until March 2, the applicant can dedicate at least 3-4 hours per days of learning time and can contribute approximately $800 (including exam fee, membership fee, study material fee, and examination fee).
This is a rare opportunity to grab if you are open to the possibility, have the experience, and the ability to remain in doubt.
What do you think? Are you going to take the pilot PMP(r), exam?
We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.
Here’s the Project Management Professional New Exam Challenge

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