PMI(r),-PDUs: Frequently Asked Questions ProThoughts Solution

Here are some frequently asked questions for project management certification holders:
What are PDUs?

PDUs stand for Professional Development Units. PDUs are used to measure your professional development in the Continuing Certification Requirements program (CCR). 1 PDU is 1 hour of learning/activity.
Sometimes you can also earn fractions – the smallest unit is 0,25 PUs for 15 minutes of activity.
Can I still get Education PDUs in the same way that I used to?

Yes. Yes. You can earn Education PDUs by taking classes offered by PMI R.E.P.s, attending SeminarsWorld(r) and other events, as well as self-directed learning.
Our blog is “What are the different ways you can earn PMI-PDUs?”
Can I claim PDUs to a single Education activity that is in more than one skill of the PMI Talent Triangle?

Yes. Yes. You can claim PDUs for one Education activity in multiple skill areas (Technical Project management, Leadership, Strategic, and Business Management) within the PMI Talent Triangle. You could claim this Education activity if you have read a book on project time management and negotiation with stakeholders.
You can also earn PDUs for all certifications. Please visit our blog “How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certificates”
Can I transfer my PDUs to my next cycle

Yes. Yes. PDUs above the required total (e.g. PDUs earned above the required total (e.g., 60 for PMP) during your 3-year certification cycle may be applied to your next cycle. PDUs not earned in the first two years of your certification cycle cannot be applied to a subsequent cycle.
What is the earliest time I can begin earning PDUs once I have earned a certification?

Once you have earned your PMI certification, you can begin earning and reporting PDUs. PDUs earned prior to obtaining your certification are not included in your newly acquired certification.
Is there any documentation that is required to support the reporting of PDU activities?

To report PDUs or renew your credential, you don’t need any supporting documentation. You will be asked to provide specific information about the activity on the PDU claim form when reporting PDUs through CCRS.
NOTE:PMI recommends that you keep a personal folder for all PDU documentation. This folder should be kept for at least 18 month after your CCR cycle. This documentation will be required if you are randomly selected to audit.
You can read our blog “How to Report on PMI – PDUs”.
Do I need a password or username to use CCRS

No. No. You will use the same username/password that you used to access CCRS uses PMI single-sign-on technology. This allows you to log in once and gain access to all PMI resources and systems. Single sign-on saves time, and you don’t need to remember a different username or password to access CCRS.
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