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Artificial intelligence (AI), the current buzzword in the IT world, is the most prominent. We have seen many techniques transform the world in the past few years. All science fiction is slowly becoming reality.
The Microsoft AI-100 exam will be retired on June 30, 2021. A new exam Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution Beta (AI-102) has been created.
Experts view Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a factor in production. This has led to rapid growth and a shift in the way work is done across all industries. It is clear that AI adoption is increasing and AI demand will change the way things work for humans in future.
This has led to a plethora of AI certifications on the market. This is why you can find many guides and preparatory materials to help you pass the AI-100 Exam. Microsoft Azure is a top vendor for AI-related services.
Candidates with deep expertise in AI can expect to reap the career benefits of the future. Many related careers are also emerging.
This article will cover every aspect of the AI-100 Exam. The preparatory guide will help you pass the exam the first time. Before we get into the exam details, let us take a moment to understand Artificial Intelligence.
What is AI?
Artificial Intelligence refers to the process of building a computer, a robot-controlled computer, or software that thinks exactly as a human brain. AI is achieved by studying the patterns in the human brain and the cognitive process.
AI Certification has many benefits
You must be certain of the career path you are going to take. You must be as well. We’ve compiled a list of all the benefits of AI certification in this section.
The demand for AI professionals certified will continue to grow
Many companies will soon be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make their decisions. AI will allow employees to receive personalized guidance and solutions in real time. This will lead to a rise in the demand for skilled professionals.
Unconventional and new career paths
Many surveys have shown that AI is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. It has created so many job opportunities for candidates, as you can see. AI is a requirement in the workforce, thus opening up many new job opportunities.
Increase Your Earnings Potential
Many tech companies are investing in AI experts. The average Artificial Intelligence Engineer earns USD 135,000 annually. This certification is a step towards increasing your earning potential and maturing more marketable.
Understanding Azure AI-100 Exam
The AI-100 exam is an associate-level certificate. You can become a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate by passing the AI-100 exam. The AI-100 exam is a great tool to evaluate the abilities of candidates for the role of Azure AI Engineer Associate.
This exam measures the candidate’s ability and willingness to perform the following technical tasks.
First, the candidate must be capable of analyzing the prerequisites for AI solutions.
Second, he/she must be able to command the right tools and technologies.
The candidate must then be able to implement solutions that meet performance and scale requirements.
Last but not the least, the candidate must have the ability to implement AI solutions using Cognitive Services.
Candidates are eligible to integrate the vision from solution architects after passing the AI-100 exam. Further, candidates can work with data scientists, IoT specialists and AI developers to create compl