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There is an improvement to productivity when output quantity increases while input quantity stays the same. On the other hand, there is an improvement to efficiency when a smaller quantity of input is needed to product the same output. There are many ways for firms to increase productivity. The easiest way is through computerization and automation. Other ways involve research and creativity. For example, some studies claim raising workplace temperature may slow down productivity. Experiments conducted by the Japanese company, Shiseido, suggests it is possible to increase productivity by perfuming the workplace’s air conditioning system. Other studies assert increasing employee comfort may dramatically improve production. According to these studies, a comfortable employee can do more compared to an unhappy counterpart. This section contains articles relating to productivity and the topics that are under its umbrella.Displaying 1-10 of 16 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>Trends And Developments In The Office Products MarketPosted by John Arthur Thomas. Published on May 10, 2010 The trends and developments in the office products market have helped shape the industry as companies attempt to recover their losses and grow their business. In an effort to achieve their business objectives, they have emphasised inventory and service quality, e-commerce, promotions, “hi-low” pricing strategies, and market expansion. An Accredited Online DegreePosted by Sumit Rawat 8471. Published on Oct 24, 2009 Education can be considered a basic necessity for everyone. And with the help of our parents, we can realize all our dreams. Finishing your studies is the best way to land a perfect job in which you can excel. Due to great improvements in online technology, many changes in how we get our education have taken place. One is the improvement in online college education. Don’t Start A Business Without Reading This ArticlePosted by dipika bhavasar. Published on Aug 04, 2009 Thinking of going into business ? A very wise thought, and a certain way of fulfilling your dreams of financial independence – saying goodbye to the tyranny of the poor paypacket, and being shackled to the millstone of time-based toil. However very many dreams are quick to become nightmares . Save yourself the long sleepless nights and read these few lines. Do You Have The Courage To Experience More Profitabiilty?Posted by Sally Reed. Published on Jul 21, 2009 How can you wring more profitability out of your business? What does it take to improve those numbers? It’s not just about having the right product, the right people, the right ideas or the right location. There’s something else at play that will have a major impact on whether your graph creeps up into the black or nosedives into a pool of red ink: Courage. Adopt Electronic Document Management – Your Filing Cabinet Costs $25,000Posted by Kelly Short. Published on Jun 05, 2009 The average four-drawer file cabinet costs $25,000 to fill and $2,100 per year to maintain. Document imaging solves these problems while greatly enhancing your ability to search data within each file, organize and share files, and create backups for disaster recovery. Coaching For Labor ProductivityPosted by Peter L Mitchell. Published on Jun 02, 2009 Coaching is a skill that can dramatically improve labor productivity. Developing this skill is not easy. One-to-one coaching can be very effective if feedback and positive reinforcement are present. An important part of coaching is the ability to ask questions that actually help the learner. Time Management Strategies For Project Managers – And Anyone ElsePosted by Rick Haywood. Published on May 13, 2009 Of the resources available to a project manager to get a job done, the most precious resource is time. Not using your time wisely is almost a guarantee for project failure. Fortunately, you can learn to manage your time effectively by systematically applying a few basic time management strategies. Free Up Finances – Fold Your LettersPosted by Isla Campbell. Published on Mar 17, 2009 Improve and streamline communication with your clients whilst saving money, simply by using folding inserting systems. It is a business reality that organizations nationwide are now benefiting from. Exercising – At Work?Posted by Joseph Devine. Published on Feb 09, 2009 In many Eastern countries, businesses have adopted a model of work that involves routine breaks for exercise. These breaks are usually in large, white-collar companies that find their workers not getting the exercise the need and having large amount of stress decreasing their health. In the West, we are seeing the average waistline increasing, decreased happiness, and too much stress. While it may seem counter intuitive to stop everyone from working, so that they can work on their abs, this can make your company more efficient. Create A Mini-manual To Guide TrainingPosted by Larry Galler. Published on Jan 28, 2009 The other day I was working away on my computer trying to do something that I knew was possible but I didn’t know how to do it. I’ll bet there is a cliche about using the "help" function in software just as there is one about men stopping to ask directions when lost. Usually I try one keystroke combination after another until I finally guess right and hit the magic button. 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