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The books featured here are keenly selected and will for sure make you understand the human behavior hence some of the conflicts witnessed are eliminated. The books are mostly written by expert psychologists who are currently practicing or retired. They give you their first hand experiences with the psychology patients citing examples. But to patient doctor confidentiality the cases are altered a bit. In this section discussions and questions are possible by we require the expert guidance of issues than the ordinary members. We have volunteer experts who answer the nagging questions and moderate the discussions. This act as a marketing tool for their practice where members later turn to be their patients.Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).Men In TherapyPosted by Bryan Knight. Published on Oct 21, 2009 This book should be read by the psychotherapists for whom it is intended and also by anyone, male or female, who wants a better understanding of why men are the way we are. David Wexler draws upon masses of research and his own experience as a father, husband and uncomprehending-of-women man to offer guidance to therapists looking for new ways to help their male clients. Ernest Becker – Biography Of The Father Of The Science Of EvilPosted by Peter X Park. Published on Oct 09, 2009 Ernest Becker was a cultural anthropologist born on September 27, 1924 and died in March 6, 1974. He wrote several books studying human nature, specifically trying to understand why man acts the way he does. Invite A Devil’s AdvocatePosted by Mardy Sitzer. Published on Aug 15, 2009 When decisions we make or when we evaluate the decisions and choices of others it can sometimes be perplexing as on the surface it seems so irrational or lacking any logic. A recent read of mine, SWAY offers insight into the human draw towards irrational decisions. Fathers Custody Rights – Custody Strategies For Men ReviewPosted by Sarah Dillon. Published on Jul 29, 2009 Dr. Bricklin and Dr. Elliot are well regarded experts in the field of child psychology and have 30 years experience helping fathers to adopt the correct approach in fighting for custody of their children on the break up of a relationship. The first key point in their book is that it is much easier to win custody of your child at the outset than it is to have a case reopened later. Book Review – The Highly Sensitive PersonPosted by Sarah Dolliver. Published on Jul 26, 2009 What is being highly sensitive? How does one cope when the world overwhelms them? This is the volume to read. Persuasion Expert Reveals How To Become An Expert Persuader In Twenty Days ReviewPosted by Doug Barger. Published on Jul 01, 2009 This is a review of Michael Lee’s "How to Become an Expert Persuader in 20 Days" book. Warning:Reading this Article Could Change Your Life for the Better. Persuasion Expert and Internationally acclaimed success author, Michael Lee, has released a very powerful book that is rapidly empowering former "door mats" into experts of persuasion in just a matter of days. To find out how this is happening just read on. What Happens In The 25 Years After 50?Posted by Kathleen Daniel. Published on Jun 04, 2009 Learning does not end in our 20s. Though childhood, adolescence and old age have been broadly studied, adulthood has remained unexplored based on the assumption that learning ends. I’m happy to report that, for the stage between 50 and 75, that era is coming to an end with an insightful new book, The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk and Adventure in the 25 Years after 50. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, a Harvard sociologist and professor, explores what it means to be strong, mature, powerful, and sexy during this ‘in-between’ age, when we’re neither old nor young. She tells the stories of 40 men and women she interviewed over two years, asks very good questions, and dashes some worn out What Is Cognition And Cognitive Dissonance?Posted by Hina Khosa. Published on Mar 13, 2009 Let’s say that you are asked, ‘How are an apple, a grape, and a peach alike?’ You probably have conscious images of the items. It takes only a bit of reflection to decide that the right answer is, ‘they are all kinds of fruit.’ Knowing represents cognition. Gen Text – Raising Well-adjusted Kids In An Age Of Instant Everything Book ReviewPosted by Carrie Lauth. Published on Jan 05, 2009 Modern parents are concerned about the effects of technology on their kids. Younger and younger children are spending more and more time interacting not with human beings, but with gadgets – cell phones, computers, video games, and other devices. Do we have reason to be concerned, and if yes, how do we go about setting limits? The Courage To Be Who You ArePosted by Marti Self. 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