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Our database contains article written by the experts in the field of psychology. These articles include topics like the various aspects of psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, principle of psychology, consciousness and unconsciousness, explaining mind and brain, various schools of thoughts involved, research methods in the field of psychology, few case studies, controversies etc. Read further about the history of psychology, the philosophical and scientific roots of psychology, the treatments for various disorders, list of some famous psychologists, link to famous works in the field of psychology, organizations and association dealing with psychology and research, universities offering psychology as a subject and qualifications for entering into the course, so on and so forth. As you read more, you get more. Our never exhausting database is complete in its form. Start reading now!Displaying 1-10 of 22 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous123Next >Last >>How To Spot A Fraudulent PsychicPosted by William Green. Published on Dec 21, 2009 How to Spot a Fraudulent Psychic The 5 Hindrances Of The Mind – Are They Blocking Your Self-esteem?Posted by Deborah Shipley. Published on Jul 30, 2009 The issue of self-esteem is perhaps one of the greatest determinates in creating a life of freedom and abundance, or feeling inhibited and "just getting by". Self-esteem is defined as "a feeling of pride in oneself". Why Only The Scientific Method Exactly Translates The Meaning Of DreamsPosted by Christina Sponias. Published on Jul 28, 2009 Jung studied the dream formation and the content of many dreams from patients who suffered from grave mental illnesses, besides dreams of ordinary people, comparing them and analyzing each detail of each dream many times. He looked for the meaning of each dream symbol in our history and analyzed the work of the alchemists, besides the art and religion of many civilizations. 5 Most Influential Psychologists In HistoryPosted by Jon Kristy. Published on Jun 19, 2009 Great Psychologists have always had the power to radically change how human beings saw the workings of their own minds. These are the great thinkers of our age who have revolutionized the way we see ourselves, and have caused a great change in the way we understand others. Is It Possible To Speed ReadPosted by Jordan Matthews. Published on Jun 01, 2009 Developing faster reading speed is an essential skill for people in the business world, or kids who want to spend less time studying. This skill seems impossible for many, but the ease of which you can learn about reading faster is very surprising. Expanding Metaphors In TherapyPosted by Tina Pitsiavas. Published on May 22, 2009 Metaphors play an important role in therapy as they are used to clarify and draw parallels about the client’s experience and their relationship to that experience. Expanding and exploring the meaning of the metaphor can bring a deeper understanding to both the client and the therapist. How Man’s Armoring Crushes The TruthPosted by Tremayne Reiss. Published on Apr 25, 2009 Going back into history new ideas have always struggled to be heard. The church was the dominant power and there were often dire consequences for anyone who challenged it. On the face of it things seem a certain way. Human Brain MemoryPosted by Judy Schienberg. Published on Apr 21, 2009 Human brain memory is an amazing web that allows us the opportunity to sense information, filter it out, or pay attention to and then retain it in our long-term memory where it can be recalled later. It is an impressive factory of brain functions that work together to form this memory machine. Life Long Learning – The Quest For Knowledge, Or The Stimulation Of Growth?Posted by Simon Teague. Published on Mar 30, 2009 "To discuss the waste of children’s lives. Every child grows up in school. He spends 10 to 20 years in that environment. He is there when he is most open to new experience and least burdened by the practical responsibilities of existence. And the results are very meager. Something is wrong with the whole operation." Agent Buzz Agent 15 – The Hallucinogenic Biological WeaponPosted by James Hewson. Published on Mar 20, 2009 The chemical warfare agent 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate (QNB, or agent BZ) is an anticholinergic drug that influences both the secondary and principal nervous systems. It is singularly one of the most intoxicating anticholinergic psychomimetics recognized, with simply minute amounts required to cause incapacitation. 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