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If there’s one thing realignment of social structures and even a million years of evolution cannot change, it is that one always has an opinion and there is at least one other person in the world who disagrees with this. This section is a collection of opinions from some of the most intelligent, witty, and vehement people in the world. Read on and discover why the giving of opinions, while not always welcome, continues to be a right firmly protected by the law.Displaying 1-10 of 16 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>The Project Area & Its Environmental Context – Amnesty Falsehood Hold No GroundPosted by Susanta Sahoo. Published on Feb 09, 2010 It is really sad and unfortunate Vedanta is dragged into this needless controversy with utter disregard to propriety and whether all this is believable. Among the multiple roles played by media, the most important one is to enable readers make intelligent choices. Amnesty is just making an attempt to tarnish the image of Anil Agarwal who have created one of the largest metal conglomerates The Spirit Of United 93Posted by Charles Kastriot. Published on Dec 30, 2009 Once again, a terrorist has targeted an airplane full of civilians. This jihadist mimicked previous Islamic attacks on jetliners. People need to understand why this act of war occurred and how it can be prevented in the future. All You Need To Know About Nobel PrizePosted by Charles Taylor. Published on Oct 31, 2009 The Nobel Prize is an international award administered by the Nobel Foundation in Sweden. This award was established by the will of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist, and inventor. The Nobel Prize was first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace. Sveriges Riksbank, in memory of Alfred Nobel established an associated award in Economics in 1968. Is Iran Already At War With The Usa? YesPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Oct 12, 2009 Many people believe that the Iranian government has the right to peace time nuclear power. Therefore, they should be allowed to enrich uranium to use in their nuclear power generation stations. The Iranians have gone out of their way to use media propaganda putting them in the best possible light claiming the US, UN and IAEA is not being fair to their needs. Where Is Our Moral Progress?Posted by Rich Heiser. Published on Oct 11, 2009 "We, human animals, tend to think of other animal species in one of several ways or different classifications. We think of them as wild or domestic or pets. Wild animals, those living in the woods or on the plain or in the jungle, are hunted, sometimes for food and sometimes simply for sport. What Is Handmade Natural Soap?Posted by Sumit Rawat 8471. Published on Sep 14, 2009 Handmade natural soap is the oldest cleanser around. It is created by a chemical reaction between oils, water and lye. Although lye is used to make handmade natural soap there is no lye left after saponification (the chemical reaction that makes handmade natural soap) is complete. How To Stop AtheismPosted by Gregory Vanden Berge. Published on Aug 25, 2009 I am neither a Christian or an atheist, I do believe that some force controls the world, but I have no proof. I do not believe in any other religion, simply because they don’t provide me with enough satisfactory evidence to support anything that they are talking about. America And Russia Best Friends Forever?Posted by Barry Lycka. Published on Aug 24, 2009 It took many years, but at last, America and Russia have gotten together and agreed on something. There has been a long history of competing over who is the world superpower and who has the best missiles. The signing of a new treaty has opened the door to many new advances in the way of internal affairs. This treaty will reduce the nuclear arms that Russia and America have and will bring a new friendship between Russian and American diplomats. Worker Who Acted As A Hero By Defending Customer Left Hanging Out To DryPosted by Terry Cochran. Published on May 04, 2009 A McDonald’s employee became a hero when he was shot after intervening to come to the aid of a customer being attacked in the lobby. The employee underwent three surgeries and the insurance company for McDonald’s refused to pay the hospital bills. What’s wrong here … Exit Strategies?Posted by Jim Vann. Published on Mar 12, 2009 There is a lot of talk about exit strategies. This is based on the ridiculous assumption that the purpose of getting involved in war is to get out. If that were the primary consideration then the only winning move, as the computer in the movie "Wargames," said is not to play. 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