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The importance of sales training to a commercial organization could never be overemphasized. With sales training, a firm’s staff will be able to gauge the best marketing strategies and selling techniques to use to not only bring more customers in but keep them as well. This section contains articles relating to sales training and the topics that are under its umbrella.Displaying 1-10 of 15 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>A Step By Step Guide To Listening (and Showing It) To A ProspectPosted by Dan Nice. Published on Sep 09, 2009 Probably the most important sales technique is learning how to listen! Listening will help you overcome those pesky sales objections and control the sales call. Listening will also show the prospect that you CARE, and want to help them solve solve their pains and problems (a novel concept, I know). What Every Distributorship Type Salesperson Would Benefit In Knowing – Article 3 Of 3Posted by Leon Cautillo. Published on Aug 29, 2009 Sales training must include this fundamental principle. As a person in sales, if you attach yourself to the thought that people are flaky and can’t be counted on, you will be at a disadvantage. You will have added negative emotional vibrations as part of your attraction mechanism. You will seek out people whose vibration is that of a flaky person. What You Need For A Restaurant Start UpPosted by Sonia Ahuja. Published on Jul 29, 2009 We all know that in order to start a restaurant you need to find a good location with an existing building, or a building lot in a good location if you are building a restaurant from the ground up. You will also need to determine whether you are going to lease or buy your restaurant. The determining factor in the size of the restaurant will be the amount of money you have to work with for remodeling or building when you figure your restaurant startup. When you design your restaurant, there are certain areas you will need to include in Employee TrainingPosted by Dave Lindahl. Published on Jul 15, 2009 Employee training is a subject that all property managers have to address. Without it, employees go their own way. Things tend towards chaos in the absence of the order that employee training lays down. Easily Drive Traffic To Your WebsitePosted by Amit Malhotra. Published on Jul 09, 2009 Newbies on the World Wide Web, listen up! Here you will find some of the easiest techniques to improve that much needed targeted traffic for your website. Let us deliberate first on some of the free traffic ideas for your website. Let’s get this party started! Article Writing Write articles that you can submit to article directories. This is one of the best techniques to get the traffic started for your website. You will just have to point that link to your site, which will mean a long-standing traffic for you. People will be able to find your website through Update Your Business SkillsPosted by Nvolve Limited. Published on Jun 16, 2009 Business training helps entrepreneurs to cope up with the changing needs of the business world. It brushes up the managerial skills and creativity of an individual to face the odds of business and be a winner in the long run. Selling – Creating Long Term Customer RelationshipsPosted by Alan Gillies. Published on Apr 12, 2009 The era when companies would strive to make customers buy their products and services is part of history now. In our current situation, the sale is just the beginning of a potential long term relationship with each customer. The transition from selling being viewed as an ‘end’ to a ‘beginning’ has been tough for the organizations; but overall; this has resulted in a much better experience for customers everywhere. Sales 101 – The Power Of Consultative SellingPosted by Lethia Owens. Published on Apr 10, 2009 Consultative selling is a sales technique that involves fostering trust and partnerships with customers. How can this help businesses increase sales, not just in the short-term but as a long-term marketing plan? A Powerful Tactic For Rapidly Determining A Prospect’s NeedsPosted by Ian Segail. Published on Mar 27, 2009 Determining the needs of your client is the main process of consultative sales. You must get this step right! How To Overcome The Smokescreen ObjectionPosted by Mike Brooks. Published on Feb 23, 2009 Have you ever answered an objection from a prospect only to be given another one that was completely unrelated to the first one? And then after you battled your way through that one, you got another, then another? Here’s what to do to avoid this in the future! 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