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A child would feel well connected with the family and his own growth if he has memoirs that show his early life. Other occasions that can fit in the scrap booking activities are birthdays, weddings and their anniversaries, graduations, burials, vacations and other important functions. On top of scarping books as photo albums we have included other modern materials as electronic devices that can stay for a long time without being spoilt as DVDs, portable storage equipments, projectors and many others. Many stores advertise here thus you get great discounts and the latest scrap booking technology. So relive your and your kid抯 memories through our scrap booking products. Do not make the past be blank.Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).Photo Paper – What Works The Best?Posted by Jackie Ben. Published on Oct 04, 2009 When you go to the store, you’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of choice that you can get. With so many brands, paper types and prices what’s going to be the best one? With all those choices, you’re probably asking yourself: "What will work best for me? Cheerleader Scrapbook ThemesPosted by Anne Bell. Published on Sep 15, 2009 A cheerleader scrapbook can be a great way to remember all of your special team or school spirit. It’s a great way to commemorate a special time in your life as well as remember other members of your squad and friends you have met. Making Money With Free Printables For ScrapbookingPosted by Matt Sharly. Published on Aug 02, 2009 Scrap booking is a hobby which is very popular throughout the world especially in USA. People like to make beautiful and unique scrapbooks which they can share and enjoy for years to come. They have their best memories in store in the form of a scrapbook so they don’t mind spending money on it. Mini-albums Make Meaningful Christmas GiftsPosted by Noreen Smith. Published on Jul 26, 2009 Mini scrapbook albums make meaningful Christmas gifts. They are quick and easy to create from scrapbook supplies you already have on hand, and can be personalized in a variety of ways to suit everyone on your Christmas list. 5 Favorite Scrapbook Journaling TipsPosted by Al Speer. Published on Jun 24, 2009 While writing your scrapbook journaling isn’t usually very hard for many scrappers (most of us have a lot to say already)…it can be difficult to get everything just the way you want it on your pages. So here are 5 of my favorite scrapbook journaling tips you can use to make sure you get your thoughts down how you want them. What In The World Are Rubber Stamps?Posted by Joe Rochester. Published on Jun 18, 2009 Have you ever made a scrapbook? How about an arts and crafts project in school when you were a kid? Have you ever seen your kids do these and other activities? If so, then you’ve probably used rubber stamps before. Most people don’t really think much of rubber stamps, but they can be great tools to use for your arts and crafts project, either for you or your children. Cricut SuppliesPosted by Denton Loomis. Published on Jan 23, 2009 Cricut Supplies for the Cricut Expression are the brains for your scrapbooking projects. This article will help you find the right supplies at a good price. Making A Celebrity Photo ScrapbookPosted by Victor Epand. Published on Dec 25, 2008 Collecting autographed celebrity photos can be a great hobby for anyone looking to spend their time doing something constructive. Celebrities can often inspire us to be more, do more, and achieve more in our own lives after looking at their success stories. It is only natural that many of us would try to collect some memorabilia reflecting the way that these people have affected our lives. Understanding Design Basics Of Color For Digital ScrapbooksPosted by Wesley Skiles. Published on Dec 18, 2008 In creating scrapbook pages, whether digital or traditional, the most important thing is design. While design encompasses many aspects, color is often the most misused. Without the understanding of how colors work together pages may tend to distract from the intended focal point or center piece. When used properly, color can be used to direct reader’s attention toward key items in your pages or guide them through your creation. One Of The Hottest Trends In Scrapbooking – Using Rubber Stamps – Easy Enough For Beginners!Posted by Janet L White. Published on Nov 17, 2008 Diaries, Journals and Scrapbooks have been around for centuries. Most recently, scrapbooks have evolved as an art form, much more that just recording history for our ancestors. One of the many art mediums being added is rubber stamps. They are easy to use, affordable and offer additional elements to your scrapbook page. 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