Selecting and Moving Cells in Excel

To SELECT my cell or to be INSIDE my cell is the question!Use your primary mouse key to “single click” the cell. You are now SELECTING the cell.Use your primary mouse to key to “double-click” the cell. You are now INSIDE your cell.

Let’s select a cell range together, right now efficiently!Zoom your spreadsheet 150%-200%.Hover your mouse icon over the inside of a cell, so that it DOES NOT touch any border side (Top, bottom, left and right).Using your primary mouse key… click, hold & drag your cell range. You should notice the selected cell range highlighted in Gray.
I like to move it, move it!Zoom your spreadsheet 150%-200%.Select a cell. Hover your mouse icon directly over any of the cell border sides (Top, bottom, left, and right).Using your primary mouse key,… click, hold & drag the cell to another cell. You have now moved the data inside that cell to another cell.
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