Six Things You Need to Know About Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat is becoming increasingly complex, but also increasingly useful for businesses. IT professionals need specialized proficiency in Red Hat to fully take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Getting Red Hat certification will not only make you more helpful to your company, it will also enhance your career prospects.
Red Hat has made some big changes in its most recent version. Here are a few things IT professionals who regularly work with Red Hat will need to know.
Red Hat has increased its support for Windows products. In the past, there have been quite a few snags with Red Hat and Microsoft products, but RHEL7 has made a lot of headway in mitigating those problems.Red Hat is all about stable business deployment. It’s not as hackable as some other OSes, but the trade-off is a very reliable system.Red Hat’s code base has gotten bigger. A lot bigger.Red Hat’s latest version has tighter links to Active Directory. RHEL7 provides Kerberos support for users who want cross-platform compatibility with Windows Active Directory.RHEL7 provides users with a wide variety of base environments to choose from including minimal file, print server and basic web server, among others. Customizing is difficult; however, users should use CentOS or Fedora to help mix and match.This thing is fast. Performance is definitely a cut above, as Red Hat can boost output with network port teaming and other methods.Want to learn more about Red Hat and become a Red Hat Certified Administrator? Visit NH Learning Group. NH Learning Group provides technical training to businesses and individuals in skills like Red Hat administration. Recognized by industry as a provider of quality training, NH Learning Group’s centers in southern California and southern Arizona Arizona, California and Nevada can help you get the training needed to get the most from Red Hat.