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Software related articles32091320813207832062320573201132009319863193831878318773186731824318073180131777317763175731750317423169531583315593153031512Displaying 1-25 of 634 result(s).Free FLV To MP4 ConverterPosted by softwaredownload on Jun 02, 2010FLV is a formatted file that has video delivering capability and uses an Adobe Flash for the purpose. It stands for Flash Video. The two file formats that exist are FLV and F4V. Audit Reporting Is Killing Your Recruiting: Make Your Hiring 10 Times More Effective With Strategic Analytics!Posted by Michael Brandt on Jun 02, 2010BrightMove is a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) recruiting software and talent acquisition solutions for staffing, Outsourcing and corporate HR recruiting.Incorporated in 2003, BrightMove has quickly grown to become a system of choice for recruiters who want to use advanced tools designed to find and manage only the best of talent. With clients worldwide including The Exprts, Subaru of America and Maidenform, BrightMove is one of fastest-growing staffing software providers in the industry. Important Ways To Improve BusinessPosted by pravindrasingh on Jun 02, 2010As we know that to generating business is very competitive and herculean task for every business developer of any organization then question is arises what are the others process via which we make this competition easy. Actually I am not talking about the well established Organization but it matter is concern with small organizations those are putting their feet in World market and want to successful Business man globally A Short Guide To Writing Of Business ProposalsPosted by Proposal Samples on Jun 02, 2010Earning business from the partners and clients is the means by which an entrepreneur can boost the growth of an organization. In order to initiate the business between the merchant and the client, a proposal is sent to a client. It is an offer made by a buyer to a seller. This offer aims to solve the problem of a customer. In other words, a customer-friendly offer letter enables you to allure a customer towards an organization. In this way, you can win the business for your organization and boost its growth. Unique Features Of A Good Banner Designer Maker ToolPosted by Banner Designer on Jun 02, 2010A unique online advertising can captivate the target audiences towards the website of a company. It acts as a common platform where a prospective customer and the merchant get in touch with each other. How To Extract Different Ideas From Templates For Proposal Projects?Posted by Proposal Samples on Jun 02, 2010In the business of competitive environment, it is essential to explore maximum business opportunities and exploit them to your advantage. An entrepreneur earns business for the growth of his organization through contracts, agreements, projects and proposals. Mergers and acquisitions are other ways or methods of let the business of the company running. Out of all, projects are the ones that can bring maximum business to your enterprise either for short term or for longer term. Designing Of A Professional Logo With Logo Maker ToolsPosted by Logo Software on Jun 02, 2010A corporate logo represents the professional identity of an organization. It forms an integral part of the branding strategy. The uniqueness and originality distinguishes a company from its competitors in the market. Market Niche…!!Posted by evon123 on Jun 02, 2010Is only a "brand name" enough for you to trust the quality? Well, after using so many ‘Branded’ gadgets, garments, accessories, etc, I found that the quality that they claim actually beats the functionality of the product. Enhance Your Brand Image With A Well-designed LogoPosted by Logo Software on May 31, 2010As a spokesperson, an entrepreneur talks to the public in the market about the company as well as its products and services. You can make your logo do the major part of talking about your business or an enterprise in the market. This is a characteristic of a unique and outstanding trademark. A Practical Guide To Impressive Business ProposalPosted by Proposal Samples on May 30, 2010For most of us writing a business proposal is a tedious and challenging task. The main aim of writing a proposal or an offer letter is to elicit a response from the potential customer and to attract him for accepting the offer made. It is an offer letter which is used for solving the problem of a prospective customer so that he can be convinced of the offer of an enterprise. Best CMMS Support TeamPosted by WebCMMS on May 30, 2010CMMS helps the users to track anything from daily work orders. The dashboard in our company serves as a command center which provides all critical information and tools allowing users to effectively manage the organizations. The dashboard is designed by users which is similar to a web portal that is used in web browser home pages. Top FLV ConverterPosted by softwaredownload on May 30, 2010FLV is a formatted file that has video delivering capability and uses an Adobe Flash for the purpose. It stands for Flash Video. The two file formats that exist are FLV and F4V. Your Staffing Firm? Inefficiency Is A Death CertificatePosted by Michael Brandt on May 28, 2010I’ve been in recruiting for almost my entire career and wow has it changed. From the days of huge markups to the dot com decimation of professional recruitment, I have seen this industry change so much. IT Network Management, Server Management, Application Performance Management, Help Desk SoftwarePosted by ManageEngine on May 27, 2010ManageEngine suite offers Enterprise IT Network Management, Network Monitoring, Server Management Tools, Application Performance Management, Help Desk Software, Asset Management System, Desktop Management, Configuration Management, Password Management, and Facilities Management. Download a free trial now. It includes Help Desk, Service Desk, VoIP Monitoring, Bandwidth Monitoring, MSP Solutions, Application Monitoring, OS Deployment, and Log Analysis. How To Gauge The Value Of Your Logo?Posted by Logo Software on May 27, 2010A corporate logo is like a spokesman of your company. A good logo is the one which is embedded in meaning and projects a positive as well as real image of an organization. It is a trademark which represents the business identity of an organization in an impressive manner. Selecting Recruiting Software: Know Your Pricing Options It Could You ThousandsPosted by Michael Brandt on May 27, 2010This is Part 2 in a series of articles I am writing to help companies in their efforts to select recruiting software and applicant tracking systems. In this article, I want to cover how to navigate your pricing options in recruiting software packages and at what point you can negotiate the pricing for your solutions. Understand Your Users Before Building Their Functional Or Business Requirements.Posted by Michael Brandt on May 27, 2010I want to start this series on selecting recruiting software by just saying “I love recruitingâ€?. Recruiting is one of the fastest growing, moving and evolving industries I could ever imagine working in and I have had the privilege of seeing some of the most amazing companies, tools and strategies put to work over my 18+ years in the industry. Six Key Features Of Online Debt Management SoftwarePosted by Sue McCrossin on May 27, 2010As restrictions on debt collection practices continue to increase state-by-state, debt collection agencies and law firms must be proactive in their online debt management software selection. This article outlines six important features that online debt management software should include to keep pace with legislation and changing consumer behavior. Creating Inimitable Banners With Distinct Banner Design ToolsPosted by Banner Designer on May 27, 2010A web banner is a unique form of promotion over the Internet. It is used for giving maximum exposure of the company’s products and services as well as the company itself. An entrepreneur considers it as a form of online advertising. A Key To A Successful Corporate LogoPosted by Logo Software on May 27, 2010A corporate logo is the one which carries a unique identity of the corporation. It should be designed in a distinct manner so that an onlooker can distinguish your company from your competitors. Importance Of Service Management Software In Consumer Durable IndustryPosted by Seema Ch on May 27, 2010Every business wants to grow fast as soon as recession is over. Service Management software can do gap analysis and reduce turn around time to glow every business brighter. Effective Task Management Online – Easier Said Than DonePosted by tighe10 on May 23, 2010With work pressures increasing day by day, it might come as a surprise to you that your mind is actually filled with hundreds of tasks. Be it paying bills or taking your dog for a walk, an office errand or shopping for your wife, our lives are being overfilled with tasks to do, some quite simple, others not. Organise Your Tasks – Better Results And Higher ProductivityPosted by tighe10 on May 23, 2010Any project, task or errand requires some basic actions before they can be completed. Now some people overlook a systematic way to completing tasks and simply jump on the problem or problems, doing them as they come to them. You got bills to pay, you go and pay the bills. You have shopping to do, you go and shop. But what if you have bills to pay today and some shopping to do for the weekend? Does it make any sense to go out and travel twice for jobs that can be done in one go? Herein lays the importance of listing down and organising one’s tasks. FLV To PSP ConverterPosted by softwaredownload on May 21, 2010FLV to PSP Converter is a converter to convert FLV to PSP formats. This basically is a video converter which can also convert FLV to other video formats like 3GP, AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, Xvid, ASF, MP4, iPod. With this converter one can also extract just the audio from FLV formatted Video files. How To Choose A Good Proposal Making Software?Posted by Proposal Samples on May 21, 2010In the present world of business, organizations need to survive the fierce competition that they face in the market. Marketers have resorted to skim their way through by entering into mergers, acquisitions, contracts and agreements. For winning these contracts or entering into mergers and acquisitions, a marketer needs to create impressive and effective offer letters. 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